Lincoln Boyhood
Administrative History
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Managers of the Indiana Lincoln Park*

1925—27 Noah Spurlock Custodian
1928—31 Joseph D. Wiebe Custodian
1932—40 Walter R. Ritchie Custodian
1941—44 Walter R. Ritchie Superintendent
1945—46 Roland E. Stroud Superintendent
1947—48 unknown Superintendent
1947—48 unknown Superintendent
1949—51 Claude H. Bates Superintendent
1952—55 Russell A. Laird Superintendent
1956—59 Eugene Ayer Superintendent
1960—67 Charles E. Weber Superintendent
1968 Jay Goodwin Superintendent
1969—71 Charles Conner Property Manager
1972—77 Billy Carlisle Property Manager
1978—present Steve Lemen Property Manager

*The name of the park changed several times. From 1925 until 1930, it was called the Nancy Hanks Lincoln Burial Ground. In 1931, the park, including the gravesite and formal areas as well as the recreational park, became known as Lincoln State Park. The Nancy Hanks Lincoln Memorial name was applied to the commemorative subunit of Lincoln State Park from 1937 until 1962, when it became a unit of the National Park System known as Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial.

**When more than one manager served during the course of a given year, the manager named is the one who served the majority of that year.

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