Lincoln Boyhood
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Special thanks to those who assisted me in preparing this account of the public memorialization of Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home. I am particularly grateful to those who shared their recollections and insights with me: Don Adams; Charlotte Baird; Patsy Bates; Albert Banton, Jr.; Warren Beach; Robert Burns; George Hartzog, Jr.; Norman Hellmers; William Koch; George Palmer; Jerry Sanders; Elmer Stein; Hilda Taylor and Terri Thompson. Without their help, an accurate history of Lincoln's boyhood home would have been impossible.

would also like to thank those earlier participants in the story with whom I could not speak. I came to know and understand Paul Brown; Richard Bishop; Roy Combs; Elmer Daniels; J. I. Holcomb; Donald Johnston; Richard Lieber; Edson Nott; and Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., through the documents they left behind. May they rest in peace, knowing their work and dreams continue to inspire countless visitors to the Indiana Lincoln memorial.

—Jill York O'Bright

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Last Updated: 25-Jan-2003