Lake Roosevelt
Administrative History
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This administrative history is one of a series being done throughout the National Park System. It adds to our knowledge and understanding of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area and how it came to be.

The study chronicles the establishment of the recreation area from its roots in the Grand Coulee Dam project to the present. It traces how the area has been managed and operated over time by the National Park Service. It also portrays various issues that have been associated with the recreation area since its establishment in 1946.

While administrative histories are of interest to a wide range of individuals, they are particularly useful for Park Service staff to help them better understand why the area looks and operates the way it does due to decisions made and policies implemented over the years by their predecessors. It provides a context for making management decisions on issues, some of which have been present for decades.

This document was prepared for the National Park Service under contract with Tracks of the Past and Flume Creek Historical Services, consulting firms based in Columbia Falls, Montana, and Sandpoint, Idaho, respectively. The primary authors are Kathryn L. McKay and Nancy F. Renk. Through the use of outside parties to produce these studies, the National Park Service hopes to provide an independent review of the events and circumstances that have shaped this unit of the National Park System. As such, the views expressed are those of the authors based on their research and contacts with numerous individuals having knowledge about various aspects of the National Recreation Area.

This history of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area is a "living" one. As additional information comes to light about the events described in this document and as subsequent events occur relevant to the unit's administration, revisions of this document will be made as appropriate.

Vaughn L. Baker

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Last Updated: 22-Apr-2003