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Map 5

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Map 5. Troop Movements and Incidents, January 18 to April 11, 873.

1. January 18, Colonel Wheaton, with Oregon Volunteers, the howitzers, and stragglers from other units returned from Stronghold fight of January 17 to Van Brimmer's.

2. January 18, Major Green and all troops on east side of Stronghold withdrew to Land's ranch. Leaving Captain Bernard and Troop G at Land's, Green led rest of command around Tule Lake via Lost River Ford to Van Brimmer's, arriving January 20.

3. January 21, Colonel Wheaton moved his headquarters from Van Brimmer's to Lost River Ford. January 24, the Oregon Volunteers disbanded. February 8, Colonel Gillem assumed command of all field forces. February 9, Company I, 21st Infantry arrived at head quarters.

4. January 21-22, Captain Bernard moved his camp from Land's Lake. February 18, Troop K join-to Applegate's ranch on Cleared Bernard. March 17, Major Mason with Companies B, C, and I, 21st Infantry arrived at Clear Lake from Lost River Ford. Mason assumed command of eastern force.

5. January 22, Modocs attacked two wagons moving grain from Land's to Applegate's and drove off detachment of 22 soldiers. Same day, Captain Bernard with Troop G recaptured wagons. Exact site of attack unknown; said to be two miles from Land's.

6. February and early March, Troop F at Dorris' ranch.

7. Mid-February, General Canby and Peace Commissioners arrived, and Gillem moved headquarters from Lost River Ford to Fairchild's ranch. 21st Infantry Battalion remained at Lost River Ford (See 4, above).

8. February 4, Batteries A and M, 4th Artillery arrived at Van Brimmer's ranch. February 13, Battery E, 4th Artillery arrived at Van Brimmer's.

9. March 11, Troop K marched from Applegate's to Van Brimmer's via the southern part of the Lava Beds. Captured 34 Modoc horses enroute. Arrived Van Brimmer's on March 15.

10. March 23, Canby moved his headquarters from Fairchild's to Van Brimmer's.

11. March 24, Mason moved his command from Applegate's to Scorpion Point. Warm Spring Scouts arrived April 13.

12. April 1, Canby and Gillem moved headquarters from Van Brimmer's to base of bluff. New encampment known as Gillem's Camp.

13. April 7, Major Mason moved his command from Scorpion Point to Hospital Rock.

14. April 11, Modocs attacked and fatally wounded Lieutenant Sherwood, west of Hospital Rock. April 12, Modocs and Mason's troops exchanged fire.

15. April 11, Eight Modocs attacked Peace Commission, killing General Canby and Dr. Thomas.

A number of patrols was made during this period. They are not shown on map because of a lack of information on their specific routes. Examples:

March 21-22, Troop F from Van Brimmer's to Lava Beds and return, 45 miles.

March 26, Troop F from Van Brimmer's to Lava Beds and return, 30 miles.

March 27-29, Troop G from Scorpion Point, south and east of Lava Beds, and return.

April 12, patrol from Scorpion Point to Juniper Butte and Three Sisters Butte, and return.


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