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Map 4

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Map 4. First Fight For Stronghold, January 17, 1873.

1. January 16, Captain Apple gate with 20 men from Oregon Volunteers escorted wagons and howitzers around northern route from Van Brimmer's to bluff on edge of Lava Beds. Arrived at nightfall.

2. January 16, Colonel Wheaton, Major Green, with main command, marched from Van Brimmer's directly east to bluff. Arrived at 1 p.m.

3. January 16, Captain Bernard, with Troops B and G and Klamath Indian scouts, marched from Land' toward Hospital Rock.

4. January 16, Captain Bernard advanced farther than intended. Modocs forced him to retire to Hospital Rock for night of January 16-17.

5. January 17, 4 a.m., Captain Perry with Troop F descended bluff. At 6:30 a.m., rest of command came down bluff. At the base, Company C and one-half Company B, 21st Infantry, moved out as skirmishers. Rest followed in column march, with Troop F in rear. Other half of Company B and the howitzers remained in reserve.

6. Command changed to a skirmish line and continued to advance.

7. At 11 a.m. Captain Perry's Troop F moved from right flank northward to a position between 21st Infantry and Oregon Volunteers. Major Green Infantry, California Volunteers, and Troop F crossed to east side but failed to hold shoreline.

8. January 17, Captain Bernard's force attacked in a.m. Stopped by a ravine. Withdrew 150 yards and fought through day from a defensive position. Along with group from the west, he withdrew during the night to Land's ranch. Colonel Wheaton led remaining force on west side back to Van Brimmer's. Modocs retained Stronghold.


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