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Map 2. Lost River Fight, November 29, 1872.

1. November 28, Captain Jackson, with Troop B, 1st Cavalry, left Fort Klamath for Modoc camps at mouth of Lost River.

2. Daylight, November 29, Jackson entered Captain Jack's village. Fight. Modocs fled.

3. Daylight, November 29, 12 citizens from Crawley's ranch entered Hooker Jim's village. Fight. Citizens withdrew to Crawley's. Modocs fled.

4. After burning Captain Jack's village, Jackson marched to Crawley's via Lost River Ford. (Water was too high at Natural Bridge.) Established camp at Crawley's.

5. Captain Jack's band, and women, children, and wounded from Hooker Jim's band, crossed Tule Lake by boat.

6. Hooker Jim and 12 warriors retreated around Tule Lake, attacking settlers at Boddy's, Miller's, Brotherton's, and possibly other ranches.


Modoc War
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