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Map 11. Modoc Surrender, May 17-June 2, 1873.

Surrender of Western Band

1. May 17, Captain Hasbrouck, with Troops B and G, Battery B, and Warm Springs (See Map No. 9), marched from Big Sand Butte to Van Brimmer's via Tickner Road. Met Captain Perry, with Troop F, who was marching from Van Brimmer's south to Antelope Spring.

2. May 18, Hasbrouck rode south from Van Brimmer's to meet Perry who was to ride north. Opposite Van Brimmer's Mountain (Mount Dome), Hasbrouck struck Modocs' trail leading into hills to west. He pursued with Troops B and G and Warm Springs. Due to misunderstanding, Battery B continued south.

3. Hasbrouck pursued Modocs along Mahogany Mountain until Indians scattered. Killed 5 and captured 9 Modocs, mostly women and children. Returned to Van Brimmer's.

4. May 19, Hasbrouck led his command from Van Brimmer's to Fairchild's.

5. Colonel Davis arrived at Fairchild's — temporary headquarters for the command.

6. May 20, Modocs indicated a desire to surrender. May 22, 63 Modocs surrendered to Davis at Fairchild's. June 2, Major Mason with 21st Infantry Battalion escorted prisoners-of-war from Fairchild's to Peninsula camp.

Surrender of Eastern Band

1. May 29, 2d and 3d Squadrons moved from Peninsula camp to Applegate's.

2. May 29, 2d and 3d Squadrons marched from Applegate's to Willow Creek. Scouts had reported that Captain Jack's band was on Willow Creek.

3. May 29, 2d Squadron on north bank of Willow Creek, 3d Squadron on south bank. Discovered Modocs. Boston Charley and 8 women surrendered. Rest fled north. Exact site of Modoc camp unknown.

4. May 30, 2d and 3d Squadrons struck Modoc trail after descending into Langell Valley. Followed it toward northeast.

5. May 30, 2d and 3d Squadrons discovered Modocs in a canyon (exact site unknown). Scarfaced Charley surrendered. Night of May 30-31, troops camped on Lost River. May 31, returned to the canyon where 31 Modocs surrendered. Captain Jack and a few others had fled during night. May 31-June 1, 2d and 3d Squadrons patrolled large area looking for Captain Jack.

6. May 31, 1st Squadron marched from Applegate's patrolling mountains and upper Lost River.

7. June 1, 1st Squadron found Captain Jack's trail leading back toward Willow Creek.

8. June 1, Perry with larger part of 1st Squadron moved up north bank of Willow Creek. Trimble with rest of 1st Squadron moved up south bank. Trimble discovered Captain Jack, who surrendered.


Modoc War
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