Kenai Fjords
A Stern and Rock-Bound Coast: Historic Resource Study
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I. Archival Collections

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

"Cook Inlet Annual Management Report," various issues.
"Game Harvest/Misc." binder.
"Marine Mammals" binder.

Alaska State Archives

RG 01 (Office of the Governor), Series 88, File NR-1, 1975.

RG 03, Cook Inlet Case Records, 1960s-1970s, Cook Inlet Fisheries, Box V-29, DeArmond Research Material.

National Archives, Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska Road Commission (RG 30), Bureau of Public Roads, Program Planning and Research Correspondence, Box 21 (McPherson Road File) and Box 36 (SP-1 Seldovia-Nuka Bay File).

Bureau of Cmcl. Fisheries/Nat. Marine Fisheries Service (RG 370):
  Fisheries District Annual Reports, ca. 1925-56, Boxes 6-9.
  Director's Correspondence, 1944-79, Box 19.
  Miscellaneous Files, ca. 1960s, Bureau of Fisheries Annual Report Files.

Bureau of Indian Affairs (RG 75), Juneau Area Office, Village Census Rolls, 1935-1966, Census of 1938-40 for English Bay (Box 178) and Port Graham (Box 208).

National Park Service (RG 79):
  ANILCA Collection, KEFJ Keyman Files.
  National Natural Landmark Files.

National Resources Planning Board (RG 187), Box 26, "Seward Programming" file.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (RG 77), Military Site Aperture Cards.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (RG 22), Fisheries Research Data Files, 1904-1960, Cook Inlet Stream Improvement Files.

War Assets Administration (RG 270), Regional Director's office, Alaska Region (Region 37), Real Property Disposal Case Files, 1944-49.

National Archives, Washington, D.C.

RG 23 Coast and Geodetic Survey Series 102. Ships' Records "McArthur," Box 2024.

RG 23 Records of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, Entry 22, Superintendents File, 1866-1905 Item. 10, George Davidson, 1866-1869, Boxes 504A and 504B.

RG 23 Records of the Lighthouse Service (District 16), 1910-1938.

RG 29 Bureau of the Census, Records for 1890, vol. 81; Log Book for Frank Lowell, Special Agent, District #2.

National Archives, Western National Records Center, San Bruno, Calif.

RG 338, Box 373, Historical Reports, Alaska Department.

National Park Service, Alaska Support Office (NPS-AKSO), Anchorage Mining Inventory Program Collection, RCR.

National Park Service, Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward

History Files.
Keyman File.
NASA Flight Information File.

Northwestern University Archives, Evanston, Ill.

Ulysses S. Grant Collection.

Resurrection Bay Historical Society, Seward

Fort Voskresenskii Research File.

Seward Public Library

Seward Chamber of Commerce Collection.
Swetmann Report File.

State Historic Preservation Office, Anchorage

Alaska Heritage Resources Survey.

State Recorder's Office, Seward

Deeds Registers.
Fur Farming Leases.
Mining Claim Notices.

U.S. Forest Service, Chugach National Forest office, Anchorage

Archeological Reconnaissance Reports.
Public Use Permits File.

U.S. Geological Survey, Anchorage, Technical Data Unit

Surveyors' Field Notes

University of Alaska Anchorage

Alaska History Research Project, Documents Relative to the History of Alaska, Records: 1878-1937.

Russian Orthodox American Messenger. Alaska Index Project, 1896-1973.

Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in America. Diocese of Alaska. Records: 1733-1938. Kenai Mission.

Skinner Collection, Robert C. Heath Manuscript.

University of Alaska Fairbanks, The Elmer E. Ramuson Library

Alaska Commercial Company Records, Kodiak District, English Bay Station, Boxes 8, 9, and 10.

Brown and Hawkins Corporation Records, 1906-1956, Box 4.

Oral History Division, taped interviews with Ben Faust, Pat Williams, and Martin Goresen.

University of California Berkeley, Bancroft Library, Manuscript Division

George Davidson, 1825-1911, Correspondence and Papers ca. 1845-1911, Box 25.

Robert B. Honeyman, Jr. Collection, Pictorial Western Americana.

Neue nordische Beyt rage manuscript, vol. 6.

IIa. Government Reports (Federal)

Alaska Planning Group, Proposed Harding Icefield-Kenai Fjords National Monument, Alaska, Final Environmental Statement (Washington, NPS), 1975.

______, Harding Icefield-Kenai Fjords National Monument, Alaska; A Master Plan, December 1973.

Alaska Power Administration, Water Power Aspects of the National Conservation System Study Areas Under Section 17(d)(2) of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, July 1973.

"Alaska Road Commission, First Annual Report, 1905," in Annual Report of the War Department for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1905, 59th Congress, 1st Session, House Document No. 2.Annual Report of the Department of the Interior for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1903 (Washington, U.S. GPO), 1903.

Ashbrook, Frank G. and Ernest P. Walker, "Blue Fox Farming in Alaska," U.S. Department of Agriculture Department Bulletin No. 1350 (Washington), October 1925.

Bailey, Edgar P., "Breeding Seabird Distribution and Abundance Along the South Side of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska," unpub. mss., National Park Service/Fish and Wildlife Service, December 1976, at ARLIS.

Bean, Tarleton, "The Fishery Resources of Alaska," in U.S. Commission on Fish and Fisheries, The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States, edited by George Brown Goode (Washington, GPO), 1887.

Brooks, Alfred H., Geography and Geology of Alaska, USGS Professional Paper No. 45 (Washington, DC, GPO), 1906.

Bureau of Indian Affairs, ANCSA Office, Anchorage, Report of Investigations for Chugach Alaska Corporation, Volumes 1 and 3 (Anchorage, the author), 1991.

Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, "Recreational Management Plan, Kenai National Moose Range, Kenai, Alaska" (FWLB 1134), February 4, 1960.

______, "Kenai Wilderness Proposal, Kenai National Moose Range, Alaska," April 1971.

Bush, James D., Jr., Narrative Report of Alaska Construction, 1941-1944 (Anchorage?, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), 1944.

Chief of the Foreign Law Section, Law Library of the Library of Congress, Russian Administration of Alaska and the Status of the Alaskan Natives, 81st Congress, Senate Document No. 152 (Washington, GPO), 1950.

Cobb, John N., The Commercial Fisheries of Alaska in 1905, Bureau of Fisheries Document 603 (Washington, GPO), 1906.

Cobb, John N., "Pacific Salmon Fisheries," Appendix XIII to the Report of the Commissioner of Fisheries for 1930, 4th edition (Washington, GPO), 1930.

Cox, Doak C., "Introduction," in Committee on the Alaska Earthquake of the Division of Earth Sciences, National Research Council, The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964; Oceanography and Coastal Engineering (Washington, National Academy of Sciences), 1972.

Dall, William H., "Report on Coal and Lignite of Alaska," in the Seventeenth Annual Report of the USGS, 1895-96, Part I (Washington, GPO, 1896), 763-875.

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Elliott, Henry W., A Report Upon the Condition of Affairs in the Territory of Alaska (Washington, Government Printing Office), 1875.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Bradley Lake Project, FERC #8221, Alaska, Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, September 1985.

Field, William O., Jr., "Glacialogical Research in Alaska," in Science in Alaska: Selected Papers of the Conference of the National Academy of Sciences (Washington, National Research Council), 1950.

"Fort Raymond, Seward, A History," in Historical Reports, Alaska Department, Vol. 2, p. 1, in Box 373, RG 338, Western National Records Center, NARA.

Gilbert, Grove K., Glaciers and Glaciation, Vol. III Harriman Alaska Series, reprint ed. (New York, Kraus Reprint Co.), 1972.

Glenn, Capt. Edwin F., Report on Explorations in Alaska: Cook Inlet, Susitna, Copper and Tanana Rivers (Washington, GPO), 1899.

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Grant, U. S., "The Southeastern Coast of Kenai Peninsula," in USGS Bulletin 587 (1915), 209-38.

Grant, U. S., and D. F. Higgins, Preliminary Report on the Mineral Resources of the Southern Part of Kenai Peninsula, in USGS Bulletin 442-D (Washington, GPO, 1910), 166-78.

Grant, U. S., and D. F. Higgins, Jr., Reconnaissance of the Geology and Mineral Resources of Prince William Sound, Alaska, USGS Bulletin 443 (Washington, GPO), 1910.

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Hodge, Frederick Webb, Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian (Washington, Government Printing Office), 1880.

Johnson, F. A., "Waterpower Resources of the Bradley River Basin, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska," USGS Water-Supply Paper 1610-A (Washington, GPO), 1961.

Jones, E. Lester, Bureau of Fisheries, Report of Alaska Investigations in 1914 (Washington, GPO), 1915.

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Moffit, Fred H., Mineral Resources of Alaska, 1925, USGS Bulletin 792 (Washington, GPO), 1927.

Moore, David E. (NPS), "Statement for Management, Kenai Fjords National Park," December 1982.

National Park Service, Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Assessment, Kenai Fjords National Park, n.d. (September 1982).

______, Environmental Assessment, Harding Icefield Tours Concession Permit, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska, December 1988.

______, Environmental Assessment and Draft Development Concept Plan, Kenai Fjords National Park, Exit Glacier Area, Alaska (Denver, the author), September 1981.

______, General Management Plan, Kenai Fjords National Park (Denver, the author), July 1984.

National Resources Planning Board, Alaska Office, "City of Seward, Survey of Conditions and Suggestions for a Public Improvement Pro gram," unpub. mss., May 1942.

Orth, Donald J., Dictionary of Alaska Place Names (Washington, Government Printing Office), 1971.

Peterson, Steve, and Mary Tidlow, Historic Structures Report, Placer Creek Cabin, Kenai Fjords National Park (draft) (Anchorage, NPS), October 1997.

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Witten, James W., Report on the Agricultural Prospects, Natives, Salmon Fisheries, Coal Prospects and Development, and Timber and Lumber Interests of Alaska, 1903 (Washington, Government Printing Office), 1904.

IIb. NPS Contract Reports and Other Unpublished Reports

"Areas of Conflict, Questions and Answers on Kenai Fjords," [probably written by Donald Follows/NPS), c. 1977.

Bailey, Alfred M., "Notes on Game Conditions in Alaska," unpub. mss., 1921.

Beck, John, "Report on Cultural Resources on the Resurrection River near Seward," unpub. BLM mss., October 25, 1978.

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IIc. Government Reports (Territorial, State, or Municipal)

Alaska Department of Fish and Game, "Annual Management Report, Cook Inlet-Resurrection Bay Area" (also known as "Cook Inlet Annual Management Report"), 1960 through 1995 issues.

______, Annual Report (Juneau, the author), issues of 1957 and 1958.

______, "Annual Report of Survey and Inventory Activities, Part II: Caribou, Brown Bear, Sheep, Furbearers, Marine Mammals, Bison, Goat, Wolf & Black Bear," 1970-75 editions (for 1969-74 harvests).

______, Commercial Fisheries Division, Annual Report, Cook Inlet Area, 1966 through 1995 editions. In 1971, the agency began producing separate reports for Cook Inlet's finfish and shellfish; in 1975, it began producing separate reports for the upper and lower inlet.

______, Commercial Fishing Regulations Summary, 1961 through 1964 editions.

______, "Cook Inlet Herring Report," 1980.

______, "Resource Management Recommendations for Kenai Fjords National Park and Surrounding Area," February 24, 1984, at ARLIS.

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VII. Interviews (telephone interviews by Mr. Norris except as noted)

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Heifner, Max, December 16, 1996.
Leirer, Herman, December 17, 1996.
Logan, Sidney, May 1, 1997.
Martin, Kerry, Seward, December 17, 1996.
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Moss, Joel, March 7, 1997.
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Stanton, Bart, by Linda Cook, July 13, 1992.
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Stevens, Bill, in park waters, August 25, 1995.
Tetreau, Mike, December 17, 1997.
Tillion, Clem, April 2, 1997.
Tillion, Marge (Margaret), April 9, 1997
White, Bob, December 17, 1996.

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