Fure's Cabin
Historic Structure Report
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The only known name of the structure described in this report is Fure's Cabin. There is no structure number, but its location is described as 58° 40' 13" latitude and 155° 25' 30" longitude.

Fure's Cabin is in the process of being nominated to the National Register of Historic Places for local significance primarily because of its exceptional craftsmanship.

The structure is owned in fee by the National Park Service and is in management category B (structures that should be Preserved and Maintained.) Planning documents for Katmai National Park and Preserve that indicate the proposed treatment and use are:

NPS List of Classified Structures, 1975
Katmai General Management Plan (draft) 11/82
Katmai Resources Management Plan 4/82
Katmai Statement for Management 11/82

No cooperative agreements exist concerning this structure.

Proposed treatments recommended in this report are Emergency Stabilization and deal with components of the building which require immediate attention.

It is anticipated that this structure will continue to be used as a patrol cabin for National Park Service personnel.

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Last Updated: 26-Mar-2008