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Fure's Cabin is being nominated to the National Register of Historic Places for its significance as an exceptional example of historic log craftsmanship, and for its representation of the lifestyle of early 20th-century non-native Alaskans. In the summer of 1983 the cabin was in good condition, but it is now on the verge of serious damage because of deterioration and lack of maintenance.

This report includes the Administrative and Physical History and Analysis sections of the Historic Structures Report (H.S.R.) mandated by NPS-28. Recommended Treatments for stabilization of Fure's Cabin are provided in both written and graphic form.

The Recommended Treatments section addresses the problems above and provides recommendations for work to be done by NPS day labor.

This report was originally prepared as an emergency stabilization report, but several things came to light during its initial review. First of all, it is not the goal of this division to further complicate the process of treating historic structures, nor to create a new document. With this in mind the report was modified to meet NPS-28 Guidelines for Historic Structure Reports.

Though stabilization sounds appropriate when speaking of rehabilitating an historic log structure, restoration is also necessary. The log structures are performing the dual role of holding up the building and protecting it from the weather. Because of these conditions it is difficult to separate stabilization treatment from restoration treatments; they become one and the same. Both terms may be applied to similar treatments.

A slight departure from conventional Historic Structure Reports will be found in the recommended treatment drawings. Because of the simplicity of these structures, the treatment drawings will be developed in sufficient detail, when coupled with the materials list, to carry out the actual work. This procedure will save significant time and funds that would normally be used in developing a separate package of Working Drawings and Specifications, as these are contained in this report.

Another departure from conventional Historic Structure Reports is the use of Historic American Buildings Survey (H.A.B.S.) drawings in place of existing condition drawings. Since both types of drawings record essentially the same information, it saves time and funds to utilize the H.A.B.S. format for the H.S.R. and still have a H.A.B.S. record archived in Washington, D. C.

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Last Updated: 26-Mar-2008