Tourism in Katmai Country
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I. Archival Collections

Alaska Regional Office (National Park Service), Anchorage:

Concessions Division: 1) "Katmai Concessions Contract History" notebooks, 2) Concessions archives file folders, 3) Commercial Use License (CUL) files; 4) "Commercial Use License" [history and development] file; 5) "KATM American River" file; 6) Limited Concession Permit (LCP) files; 7) KATM General Correspondence file.

Facility Design and Maintenance Division: Katmai map collection, ARO-ODM

Lands Division: 1) Kulik Lake Airport Lease file, 2) Petersen Land Exchange file.

Alaska State Archives, Juneau: RG 101 (Territorial Governor's Correspondence), Box 219.

Anchorage Museum of History and Art: 1) Ward Wells Photograph Collection, 2) Wien Air Alaska Photograph Collection.

Bureau of Land Management, Alaska State Office, Anchorage: various case files and summary sheets.

Denali National Park and Preserve, McKinley Park, Alaska, Historical Collection: 1) File A2827 (Reports to Chief Ranger), 1950-1954; 2) File A2621 (Superinten-dent's Annual Reports), 1953-1972; 3) File 1M1 (Monthly Narrative Report), 1960; 4) File 2M1 (Monthly Superintendent's Reports), 1947-48 to 1965 (microfilm); 5) "Annual Report, Information and Interpretive Services Division," 1958-62; 6) File A2615 (Chief Ranger's Monthly Narrative Report), 1957-1968.

Federal Archives and Records Center, San Bruno, California: RG 79 (Records of the National Park Service), Box 311 through 313.

Federal Aviation Administration, Anchorage, Airports Division Files: 1) "Record of Facilities, 1959-63; 2) "Airport Inspection Check Guide," 1958-62; 3) "Airport Master Record" for Kulik Lake, Alaska.

Federal Records Center, Anchorage; RG 79 (National Park Service), Accession 83D, Box 13.

Federal Records Center, Washington, D.C.: various Bureau of Land Management case files ordered from BLM, Alaska State Office, Anchorage.

Harpers Ferry Center, NPS Archives, History Collection, "Serendipity File."

Katmai National Park and Preserve, King Salmon, Alaska: 1) File A2621 (Superinten-dent's Annual Reports), 1972-1990; 4) File A2615 (Monthly Public Use Report), 1956-1980; 5) File L58 (National System of Trails), 1965; 6) File A58 (Inactive Records), 1963; 7) File N1615 (Wildlife Management, Bear), 1976 to present; 8) "Bear Management (historical) in Katmai" file; 9) "Katmai Master Planning 1968-70" file.

Katmailand, Inc. Office, Anchorage: 1) "Northern Consolidated Airlines, Inc. of Alaska" [scrapbook], c. 1953, 2) Brooks Camp Log, notes taken from May 1953 through May 1961.

University of Alaska Fairbanks: 1) Ernest F. Gruening Collection, Box 4, Folder 48 (National Parks, Alaska); 2) E.L. "Bob" Bartlett Collection, Federal Departments and Agencies, Interior, NPS (Box 1-3).

University of Washington (Seattle): Map Collection and Pacific Northwest Collection.

II. Theses, Dissertations, Government Agency Reports and Unpublished Reports

Alaska Planning Group [National Park Service], "Katmai National Park, Alaska, Master Plan," December 1973.

Annual Report of the Governor of Alaska (Washington, DC, GPO) for 1922, 1923, and 1956.

Been, Frank T. (Supt. MOMC), "Field Notes of Katmai National Monument Inspection," November 12,1940.

Dean, Frederick C., "Brown Bear-Human Interrelationship Study," (NPS), 1967.

Denfeld, D. Colt, The Defense of Dutch Harbor, Alaska from Military Construction to Base Cleanup (Defense Environmental Restoration Program, Alaska District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), December 1987.

Dumond, Don, Archaeology of the Alaska Peninsula: the Naknek Region, 1960-1975 (Eugene, University of Oregon Anthropological Papers No. 21), 1981.

Hanable, William, "Brooks Camp History" (draft report), May 1, 1989.

Hussey, John A., Embattled Katmai: A History of Katmai National Monument (San Francisco, NPS), 1971.

Jope, Katherine L., "Monitoring Resource Conditions Related to Commercial Use on American Creek, Progress Report, 1986," February 1987.

Kauffmann, "Katmai National Monument, Alaska, a History of its Establishment and Revision of its Boundaries" (Washington, DC, NPS), 1954.

Manski, David, "Summary of Data Collected on Visitor Use Activities at American Creek, Summer 1985," c. 1985.

[National Park Service], Alaska Commercial Hunting Guides, Briefing Statements (notebook), October 27, 1988, in ARO-OC.

National Park Service [AAO], "Combined Environmental Assessment and Development Concept Plans for Concession Facilities, Operations and Services Within the Brooks Camp and Grosvenor Camp Areas, Katmai National Monument, Alaska," October 1980.

National Park Service, "Environmental Assessment, Draft Development Concept Plan, Katmai National Park and Preserve," January 1982.

[National Park Service,] "Environmental Assessment, Management of Visitor Use at American Creek, KATM," n.d. [1985?].

National Park Service (PNRO), Final Environmental Statement, Proposed Katmai Wilderness, Katmai National Monument, Alaska (FES 74-35), June 13, 1974.

National Park Service, General Management Plan, Wilderness Suitability Review and Land Protection Plan, Katmai National Park and Preserve, October 1986.

National Park Service, Historical Listing of National Park Service Officials (Washington, the author), May 1, 1986.

[National Park Service,] "Katmai National Park and Preserve, Resources Management Plan," April 15, 1982.

[National Park Service,] Katmai National Park and Preserve, Brooks River Area Development Concept Plan, Alternatives Workbook, Summer 1991.

National Park Service, "A Master Plan, Katmai National Monument, Alaska" (preliminary working draft), August 1971.

National Park Service, The National Park Service: Index (Washington, GPO), 1989.

Norris, Frank, "Gawking at the Midnight Sun: The Tourist in Early Alaska" (Anchorage, Alaska Historical Commission Studies in History #170), 1985.

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U.S. Air Force, History of the Alaskan Air Command, 1 July 1975-31 December 1975 (Anchorage, the author), 1976.

U.S. Air Force, History of the Alaskan Air Command, 1 January 1976-31 December 1976 (Anchorage, the author), 1977.

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U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board, "Docket No. 4805 et. al./Alaska Route Modification Case," Economic and Safety Enforcement Cases of the Civil Aeronautics Board 17/March 1953-September 1953 (Washington, D.C., GPO, 1958), 943-944.

U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board, "Docket No. 57/Intra-Alaska Case," Economic and Safety Cases of the Civil Aeronautics Board 28 (Washington, D.C., GPO, 1959), 176-77.

U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Ocean Service, Supplement, Alaska [pilot's guide], November 16, 1989.

Williss, G. Frank, "Do Things Right the First Time": The National Park Service and the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980 (Denver?, NPS), September 1985.

III. Public Documents

Federal Register, April 8, 1977, p. 10536.

64th Congress, Public Law No. 235.

U.S. Statutes at Large 63 (81st Congress, 1st Session), 679.

IV. Newspapers

Anchorage Daily News, June 30, 1970, 13; October 3, 1970, 1; September 28, 1976, 2.

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V. Books

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VI. Articles

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VII. Interviews

Alston, Joe [former Concessions Analyst, ARO], by Frank Norris, February 6, 1991.

Alston, Joe, by Rebecca Kaiser, ARO-OC, June 14, 1991.

Bane, G. Ray [former KATM Supt.], by Frank Norris, February 7, 1991; June 13, 1991; and February 18, 1992.

Bennett, Bo [Manager, Kulik Lodge], by Frank Norris, April 17, 1991.

Blinn, Gilbert [former KATM Supt.], by William Hanable, August 26, 1988.

Funk, David [ARO-OL], by Frank Norris, February 12, 1992.

Kaiser, Rebecca [Chief, ARO-OC], by Frank Norris, June 22, 1990, February 4, 1991, and April 1, 1991.

Kennedy, Kay [Fairbanks journalist], by Frank Norris, June 7, 1991.

Klutsch, Joseph [Katmai Guide Service, King Salmon], by Frank Norris, January 16, 1992.

Maloney, P. Dennis [former Senior Vice President, Wien Air Alaska], by Frank Norris, January 3, 1992.

Meldrum, Janis [former KATM Resource Management Specialist], by Frank Norris, December 20, 1990; April 9, 1991; and February 18, 1992.

Mollan, Perry [Brooks Camp manager, Katmailand], by Frank Norris, August 8, 1990.

Moody, Robert [Chief of Planning and Programs, NPS Concessions Division, WASO], by Frank Norris, June 28, 1990.

Morris, David K. [former KATM Supt.], by William Hanable, November 2, 1989.

Morris, David K., by Frank Norris, April 29, 1991.

Nancarrow, William, [first KATM ranger], by William Hanable, August 1, 1988.

Nancarrow, William, by Bill Tanner, May 12, 1983, in Melgenak Case File, ARO-OL.

Nemeth, Dave [Concessions Management Officer, KATM], by Frank Norris, March 28 and 29, 1991.

Petersen, Raymond F., by Frank Norris, December 19, 1991.

Petersen, Raymond I., Affidavit of September 20, 1982 and Testimony of May 31, 1983, both in Palakia Melgenak Case Files, II/109-136, ARO-OL.

Petersen, Raymond I., by William Hanable and Janis Meldrum, Anchorage, November 23, 1988.

Petersen, Raymond I. and Raymond F., by Frank Norris, August 9, 1990 and April 17, 1991.

Peterson, Robert [KATM ranger, early 1960s], by William Hanable, June 24, 1988.

Peterson, Robert, by Bill Tanner, May 19, 1984, in Melgenak Case File, ARO-OL.

Stemp, Ralph [former Wien Air Alaska executive], by Frank Norris, February 4, 1992.

Stondall, Ed [Chief of Maintenance, KATM], by William Hanable, September 15, 1989.

Strunk, Mike [Chief, Planning Division, ARO], by Frank Norris, February 7, 1991.

Svoboda, Lee [Anchorage OAS pilot], by Frank Norris, March 29, 1991 and February 27, 1992.

Wemple, Robert E. [Facility Design and Maintenance Division, ARO], by Frank Norris, December 19, 1990.

Wood, Virginia [wife of early KATM ranger], by Bill Tanner, May 10, 1983, in Melgenak Case File, ARO-OL.

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