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An Anthropological Evaluation of William Keys' Desert Queen Ranch, Joshua Tree National Monument, California
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Chapter 1: Importance and Integrity

State or local importance

Chapter 2: Pattern and process

Ethnohistorical treatment of Keys' Ranch and environs
   1870-1894: Initial settlement, cattle grazing and small scale mining
   1894-1917: The years of investment—competition and conflict among
      cattlemen and miners
   1918-1929: The years of entrenchment—cattlemen and homesteaders,
      scavengers and pensioners
   1930-1943: Boomtown during hard times
   1943-1969: From prisoner to "pioneer's pioneer"

Chapter 3: Important persons and distinctive architecture

Chapter 4: Acquisition of important information

Cultural values
Adverse effect of loss of Keys' Ranch

Chapter 5: Conclusions and recommendations

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Keys' Ranch as a prehistoric resource, by Thomas F. King

References cited

Map 1: Keys' Desert Queen Ranch
Map 2: Routes into vicinity of Keys' Ranch, 1870 - 1894
Map 3: Grazing areas and cattle drives, 1870 - 1894
Map 4: Mines and mining activities, 1870 - 1894
Map 5: Mines and mining activities, 1894 - 1917
Map 6: Zones of tension, 1894 - 1917
Map 7: Effective one-day ranges, 1894 - 1917
Map 8: Commercial routes into Keys' Ranch vicinity, 1895 - 1902
Map 9: Livestock watering places, 1894 - 1917
Map 10: Properties pioneered by others and eventually claimed by William Keys
Map 11: Keys' roads, claims, operations and collecting loci
Map 12: Mines operating between 1930 and 1943

Table 1: Buildings and activity/storage areas at Keys' Ranch
Table 2: Properties pioneered by others and eventually claimed by William Keys
Table 3: Properties claimed, worked or collected from by Keys
Table 4: Mines operating between 1930 and 1943
Table 5: Contents of "quarry area" near ranch house
Table 6: Gross classes of data and their uses
Table 7: National Register nominees, nominees and near-nominees in the California Desert

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