John Day Fossil Beds: A Study (Preliminary)
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This study report presents an analysis of the natural, scientific, and recreational resources of the Upper John Day River Basin in Grant and Wheeler Counties of eastern Oregon. It assesses the importance and suitability of these resources in relation to either local, state, or national development and management and recommends further courses of planning action that the National Park Service believes to be in the best public interest.

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An informal evaluation report concerning the possible designation of the Painted Hills State Park in western Wheeler County as a national monument was made by the Service in the fall of 1965. It was made at the request of Representative Al Ullman of the Oregon Second Congressional District. The report concluded that the resources and potential of the 13-acre site under State ownership were not, in themselves, of sufficient importance to warrant national monument status. It further concluded that a comprehensive evaluation of the region as a whole would be requisite to any definite recommendations as to a combination of related sites for possible inclusion in the National Park System.

Representative Ullman requested the Service to conduct such a regional evaluation and an intensive field study, upon which the present analysis and recommendations are based, was completed in June 1967.

The scenic and recreational resources of the large segment of national forest lands within the Upper John Day River Basin have been taken into account for purposes of this analysis. However, no recommendations are presented concerning those lands and they are not included in the study area.

Registered Natural Landmark Plaque at the Sheep Rock Area

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