Geology and Paleoenvironments of the Clarno Unit
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon
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A checklist of late Eocene (early Duchesaean) fossils in the mammal quarry of the upper Clarno Formation near Clarno and paleosols in which they are found


Diploclisia sp.: fruit (Indomalesian moonseed)
Eohypserpa sp. indet.: fruit (extinct moonseed)
Odontocaryoidea nodulosa Scott: fruit (extinct nodular moonseed fruit)

PLATANACEAE (sycamores)

Platananthus synandrus Manchester (for "angiosperm incertae sedis" of McKee, 1970): flowering head (Clarno plane)

CORNACEAE (dogwoods)

Mastixioidiocarpum oregonense Scott: fruit (extinct tropical dogwood)

ALANGIACEAE (alangium family)

Alangium sp. indet.: fruit (alangium)

ICACINACEAE (tropical vines)

Iodes sp. indet.: seed (Paleotropical vine)
Jodicarpa sp. indet.: fruit (extinct icacina vine)
Palaeophytocrene sp. cf. P. foveolata Reid and Chandler: fruits (extinct icacina vine)

VITACEAE (grapes)

Ampelocissus sp: seed (tropical climber)
Vitis sp.: seed (grape)
Tetrastigma sp.: seed (Indomalesian vine)


Juglans clarnensis Scott: fruits (Clarno black walnut)

ANACARDIACEAE (cashew family)

Pentoperculum minimus Reid & Chandler: seed (extinct cashewlike plant)

CROCODYLIA (alligators)

Pristichampsus sp. indet.: skull (land alligator)

HYAENODONTIDAE (extinct carnivores)

Hemipsalodon grandis: skull (large bearlike carnivore)

FELIDAE (cats)

Nimravinae gen. et sp. indet.: skull (sabre-tooth cat)

RODENTIA (rats and mice)

Rodentia gen et sp. indet.: tooth (extinct squirrellike rodent)

ANTHRACOTHERIIDAE (extinct river hogs)

Heptacodon sp. indet.: teeth (small river hog)

AGRIOCHOERIDAE (early oreodons)

Diplobunops sp. indet.: skull (fanged oreodon)

AMYNODONTIDAE (extinct rhinos)

Procadurcodon sp. indet.: skull (large tapirlike rhino)

RHINOCEROTIDAE (rhinoceroses)

Teletaceras radinskyi Hanson: skull, limbs (small hornless rhino)

HELATETIDAE (extinct tapirs)

Plesiocolopirus hancocki (Radinsky) Schoch: teeth (tapir)

TAPIRIDAE (tapirs)

Protapirus sp. indet.: teeth (tapir ancestor)

EQUIDAE (horses)

Epihippus gracilis Marsh: teeth (three-toed horse)
Haplohippus texanus McGrew: teeth (four-toed horse)

PISCES (fish)

Pisces gen. et sp. indet.: bones, scales (freshwater fish)

Note: Sources of names from Russell (1938), McKee (1970), Mellett (1969), Hanson (1973, 1989), Pratt (1988), Schoch (1989), Retallack (1991a), Lucas (1992) and Manchester (1994).

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Last Updated: 21-Aug-2007