Geology and Paleoenvironments of the Clarno Unit
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon
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Individual named paleosols in the Clarno area


"Black Spur"ca.16ca.2type Pswa clay
"Black Spur"ca.20ca.5type Cmuk peat
lower conglomerates226Pasct clay brown variant
"Fern Quarry"ca.21ca.5Sayayk silty clay loam
"Fern Quarry"ca.22ca.6type Luquem silty clay loam
Hancock Canyonca.29ca.7Sayayk clay
Hancock Canyonca.30ca.8type Patat clay
Hancock Canyonca.31ca.9Sayayk clay
lower "Nut Beds"5120Sayayk clay
lower "Nut Beds"5221type Sayayk clay loam
lower "Nut Beds"52.522Sayayk silty clay
lower "Nut Beds"5323Sayayk silty clay
lower "Nut Beds"53.524Sayayk silty clay
lower "Nut Beds"5425Luquem silty clay loam
lower red beds6935type Scat clay
lower red beds7136type Lakayx clay
lower red beds7741Sitaxs clay gravelly variant
lower red beds8546Lakayx clay manganiferous variant
lower red beds8747Luca clay concretionary variant
lower red beds8848Sitaxs clay gravelly variant
lower red beds9752type Sitaxs clay
"Sienna Ridge" eastca.113ca.64type Acas clay
upper red beds11464Sitaxs clay ferruginized variant
"Mammal Quarry"ca.124ca.72Lakim clay septarian variant
"Mammal Quarry"ca.125ca.73type Micay clay
upper red beds12875type Pasct clay
"Whitecap knoll"ca.300ca.150type Luca clay

Note: Meter levels and consecutive number of paleosols refer to the reference section, with approximate correlations indicated "ca." for sections off the reference section.

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Last Updated: 21-Aug-2007