Geology and Paleoenvironments of the Clarno Unit
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon
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This three year project was funded by contract No. CX-9000-1-0009 from the National Park Service. The contract was administered by Beth Faudree with Theodore Fremd as the technical contract advisor. Dr. G.J. Retallack and Dr. E.A. Bestland were the principal investigators and Dr. C. Swisher was consultant in geochronology and provided age determinations. Consultations with Allan Kays, Dave Blackwell, John Stimac, John Dilles, Andrea Mindzenty, Judit German, Edward Taylor, Mike Woodburne, Joseph Jones, and Theodore Fremd have added to our understanding of the geology of central Oregon and the Clarno Unit area. XRF analyses were done in Peter Hooper's laboratory at Washington State University under the direction of Diane Johnson. Christine McBirney analyzed samples for loss on ignition and ferric iron. Petrographic thin sections were made by Tim Tate and specimens were currated by Wendy Abel.

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Last Updated: 21-Aug-2007