John Day Fossil Beds
Administrative History
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a. Paleontological significance
b. Other resource values
c. Purpose of the park
d. Scope and format of the narrative

Chapter One - Historical Backdrop

a. Tribal territories
b. Settlement and land use
c. Fossil finds lead to the first park proposal
d. Access to the upper John Day Basin

Chapter Two - Establishment and Management of Three State Parks

a. Oregon's highway park system
b. Establishment of a park near Sheep Rock
c. Subsequent land acquisition near Sheep Rock
d. Park planning and development near Sheep Rock
e. Establishment of a park at Painted Hills
f. Land issues at Painted Hills
g. Park planning and development at Painted Hills
h. Establishment of a park at Clarno
i. Park planning and development at Clarno

Chapter Three - Campaign for a National Monument

a. Background to the park proposal
b. Prelude to a master plan
c. Planning for a new park in an era of expansion
d. Authorization and establishment

Chapter Four - Formative Years: NPS Administration, 1975-1978

a. Establishing a presence
b. Acquisition and rehabilitation of the Cant Ranch
c. A prototype planning process
d. Legislated boundary changes

Chapter Five - Lands

a. Acquisitions after 1978
b. Grazing
c. Land use actions

Chapter Six - Resource Management

a. Paleontology
b. Neontology
c. Cultural

Chapter Seven - Visitor Services

a. Park development
b. Interpretation and site planning at the Cant Ranch
c. Prospect


Appendix A - Legislation
Appendix B - Cooperative Agreement with BLM
Appendix C - Visitation
Appendix D - Personnel roster

Index (omitted from the online edition)

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