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Chapter Two:

Park planning and development at Clarno

Steep terrain and lack of shade ruled out camping, so the state concentrated on providing a day-use area for travelers wanting to leave the highway in order to view the Palisades. [151] To be located on the leased tract, plans for this development in 1962 involved a fountain, toilet facilities, a parking area of 12,000 square feet, and an entrance road. [152] An interpretive sign represented the only other development suggested prior to the park s establishment. [153] The marker did not materialize, but by 1973 the state possessed a rudimentary day-use area. Roughly two acres in size, it contained a parking area, as well as a pair of pit toilets, several signs, and some picnic tables. [154]

The Palisades
The Palisades from State Highway 218 (top) and a view up Indian Canyon near the subsequently developed picnic area (bottom), both taken in 1962.
(Oregon State Highway Division photos by K.A. Chatwood)

End of Chapter 2

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