The Geology of Jewel Cave
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The publication of this booklet was accomplished to satisfy the need for a study into the geology of Jewel Cave in more detail than is found in the Monument's brochure. It is not a detailed technical bulletin but merely an outline of some of the geological phenomena associated with the development and formation along with the mineral decoration of this particular cavern; however, many of the other cave systems in this and other areas were formed under conditions similar to those described here.


I wish to thank everyone who assisted me in this project with a special thanks to John Jyers, Chief Naturalist, and Dr. J. P. Gries, Professor of Geological Engineering at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for their technical assistance. Thanks also to Herb and Jan Conn for the photographs seen in the following pages and to Don Gillespie for his work in making the final preparations of this booklet.

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Last Updated: 02-Feb-2007