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Our Changing Landscape: Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore


The authors gratefully acknowledge the unfailing support and encouragement of the Associate Director for Natural Resources of the National Park Service, Gene Hester, and the Associate Director of the U.S. Geological Survey, Doyle Frederick. We would also like to thank the Superintendent of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Dale Engquist, the Assistant Superintendent, Glen Alexander, and the entire staff for their full cooperation, with special acknowledgment to Richard Whitman and Bob Daum for their outstanding technical support.

Edited by John M. Watson


"The Dunes of Northern Indiana are almost within a stone's throw of perhaps one of the greatest industrial communities of the world. It is the only landscape of its kind within reach of millions. . . ."

Jens Jensen, arguing for the establishment
of a Sand Dunes National Park in 1916

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