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Appendix B
SWAYNE AND CLIFFORD'S IRONWARE LIST (Rare Book Collection, Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania)


Common Rofe, Flemifh, and Clafphead Nails
Fine and beft ditto
Rofe, Flemifh, and Round-head Tacks
Round-head Nails
Fine and common Clout Nails
Bill'd and Counter Sunk ditto
Sprigs or Battens
Chiffel and common Trunk Nails
Fine rofe and clafp Coffin Nails
Sample and Ugleys
Beft clafp and rofe Forreft Nails
Rofe and Crofs Head Cooper's Flats or Pail
Clog Nails and Clog Bills
Clafp and thick-head Hobs
Round-head ditto
Fine Spanifh ditto
Caft and wrought Iron Sparrow Bills
Shoe Brads
Beft Horfe Nails
Scupper and Woolding Nails
Clinch Nails and Roves for ditto
Boat and Deck Nails
Sheathing Nails
Rag Nails
Shrowd Nails
Tin'd and common Tenter or Rack Hooks
Cooper's Rivets
Patten and Bed Rivets
Dog Nails
Glaziers Brads and Ceiling Nails
Caft and wrought Tin'd Tacks
Tin'd Studs and Tinmen's Rivets


Common and pegg'd Spring Bambury Locks
Common, Bastard, and fine Plate Locks
Ditto with Master Keys
Bambury and Plate Pipe Key Cellar Door Locks
Ditto with three Pipes
Fine and Common Pull-back Spring Stock Locks
Iron Rim ditto
Ditto with Brass Furniture
Once and Twice dead plain Iron Rim Locks
Iron Rim Locks with Brass Ring and Nob Handles
Brass cased, Cover Plate and Mortice Locks
Inside and outside Box, Chest, and Trunk Locks
Straight and cut Brass and Iron Cupboard Locks
Desk and Bookcase Locks
Tea Chest, Prospect and Clockcase Locks
Horse and Colt Locks
D, Side, and Letter Key Gate Locks
Common, fine Ward, bridged, Diamond, Lighter, Secret, and double Bolt Padlocks
Splinter ditto
Brass and Steel Saddle Bag, Dog's Collar, and Portmanteau Locks
Park Gate Locks
Blanks and Keys for Locks
Iron and Brass Knockers and Door Springs


Black and bright H and HL Hinges
Skew Joint, Worm Joint, Pew Joint, and take off HL Hinges
Common Dovetails
Mortice ditto
Skew and Worm Joint ditto
Shutter, Pew, and Casement Hinges
Desk, Bookcase, and Bed Hinges
Rule Buts and Card Table Hinges
Edge Butts and square Butt Hinges
Tea Chest and Clockcase Hinges
Inside bright and black Chest Hinges
Strap Hinges
T or X Garnets
Common and Welded Hooks and Twists
Box Snipes Bills


Bright and Japan'd Thumb Latches
Square and long Latches, with Brass Rings and Nob Handles
Long and square Latches with Keys
Iron Rim Latches with Brass Rings and Nobs
Pew, Pulpit, and Sash Latches
Mortice and Hatch Latches
Brass and Iron Chest Handles
Shutter Lifters


Flat Spring and Round Plate Bolts, straight and necked
Bright Iron and Brass Sash Bolts
Bookcase and inside Sash Bolts
Belcony Bolts
Brass Slip and Bell Bolts
Brass and Japan'd Bed Bolts
Round and flat Ruff Bolts, and round and square Staples
Brass and Iron Box Staples


Common, Best and Cast Steel Hand and Pannel Saws
Ditto, ditto, Tenant, Sash, Carcase, and Dovetail Saws
Ditto with Brass Backs
Common, Best, and Cast Steel, Pit Saw, Frame, and X cut Saws
Marble and Stone Saws
Ripping and Table Saws
Compass, Key-hole, Fret and Bannister Saws
Grafting Saws
Saw Handles, Saw Sets, and Saw Screws


Plain and Steel poll'd Axes and Hatchets
Falling Axes
Ship and House Adzes
Best bright and common Gimlets
Spike ditto
Tap and Bung Borers
Coopers Travises
Black and bright Bitts
Iron and Wood Wimble Stocks or Braces
Ditto with compleat Sets of Bitts
Steel and Brass Pads for Wimble Stocks
Hand Stocks with neat Sets of Bitts
Black and bright Augers
Short and long Firmers and Socket Chissels
Socket and Stirted Gouges
Mortice Chissels
Ditto in Sets compleat
Turning Chissels and Gouges
Single and double Plane Irons
Plow, Rabbit, and Soft Irons
Spoke Shaves and Irons for Coopers and Joiners
Drawing Knives, and all Kinds of Coopers Tools
Compasses and Deviders
Cases of Instruments
Coopers and other Callipers
Rules of all the various Kinds
Brad Punches
Turnscrews and Dowling Punches
Draw Borers
Dowling and Joiners Awls


Scrowl Planes, Smoothing, Jack, Trying, long Planes and Jointers, both single and double
Hollows and Rounds
Ogees, Beads, Ovelows, Astriacls, Sash Planes, Fillisters, Plows, and Rabit Planes, and all other Kinds of Joiners Carpenters Tools
Carvers Tools
Gentlemen's complete Chest of Tools
Ditto neat Sets of Garden Tools


Joiners, Carpenters, and Glaziers Hammers
Solid and Kentish Hammers
Veneering Hammers
Neat Gentlemen's Hammers
Upholsterers, Saddlers, and Collarmakers Hammers
Shoemakers and Cramping ditto
Masons and Tylers Hammers and Hatchets
Braziers and Tinmen's Hammers
Smiths Hand Hammers and Sledges
Shoeing and Nail Hammers and Nail Tools
Riveting Hammers
Stone Hammers
Pump Bitts
Butchers Cleavers and Steels
Table Steels
Sugar Cleavers, Sugar Hatchets and Sugar Nippers and Mallets
Cheese and Mincing Knives
Cheese and Butter Borers
Masons; Brick, Pointing, Soap and Plaistering Trowels
Garden ditto
Masons Squares
Steel Spades
Bristol Socket and Sterted Steel and Iron Shovels
Devonshire & Welch Steel & Iron Shovels
Miners Shovels
Streaming ditto
Bill Hooks and Shrowding Hatchets
Malt Shovels
Malt and Corn Mills
Indian Corn Mills
Steel Post and box'd Coffee Mills and Pepper Mills
Scythes, Sickles, and Reap Hooks
Garden, Turnip and Dutch Hoes
West India Hoes and Bills
Chaff Knives
Hay Knives
Pigs Rings
Anvils, Beak Irons, Stakes and Swages
Standing Vices
Bench and Hand Vices
Gunsmiths and Barbers ditto
Files and Rasps
Rubbers and Floats
Screw Plates and Stocks
Wood screws and Bed Screws
Round and flat bright Beams
Painted ditto of all Kinds
Money scales and Weights
Ditto Balances for Gold and Silver
Copper and Brass Scales and Weights
Butchers and Pocket Steelyards
Single Tongs
Fire Pans and Tongs in Pairs
Fire Pans, Tongs and Poker in Sets
Fire Pan Bitts
Cinder Sifters and Wire Coal Stoves
Dust Pans
Iron and Copper Coal Skuttles
Steak Tongs
Iron Skewers
Plain and cut Bow Fenders
Steel and Brass Bath-bent and straight ditto
Wire ditto
Kitchen ditto
Common and bright Gridirons
Fluted Bar ditto
Round and square Chaffing Dishes
Long and short Handle Frying Pans
Dripping Pans
Wrought Iron Stew Pans
Saucepans, Tea Kettles and Boilers
Patent Cast Iron ditto ditto
Wind-up and Smoak Jacks
Jack Chains and Pullies
Spits and Racks
Standing, Hanging, Scrowl'd and Sliding Trippets
Toasting and Flesh Forks
Pot Hooks and Ladles
Iron, Brass, Princess Metal and Japan'd Candlesticks
Ditto Bed Candlesticks with Extinguishers and Snuffers
Steel, common Iron, and Japan'd Snuffers
Steel Snuffer Stands and Japan'd Trays
Common Hob Grates
Common and Screw-up Kitchen Grates
Steel, Brass and Princess Metal Stove Grates
Bath and Pantheon Stoves
Ironing Boxes and Stands
Sad Irons
Snapper, Bastard, and Neat's Leather Bellows
Smiths Bellows
Brass and Iron Chimney Hooks
Brass and Japan'd Watch and Picture Hooks
Picture Nails
Patten Rings, Rivets and Patten Woods
Patten Ties of all Kinds, and Patten Makers Tools
Saddlers and Collarmakers Awls
Shoemakers Awl Blades
Peging Blades and Hafts
Shoe Tacks
Russia Hair and Bristles
Blacking and Heel Balls and Masheen
Shoe Knives and Heel Knives
Shoe Punches
Shoe Nippers and Pincers
Carpenters and bright Joiners Pincers
Neat Gentlemens Pincers
Coopers Nippers
Brass and Iron Nut Cracks
Mantua-makers Pinking Irons, Punches and Scollops
Scissar, Razor, Butcher's Knives and Penknife Sheaths
Slates and Pencils
Black and red Lead Pencils
Black Lead Pots and Crucibles
Black Lead Powder
Tripoli or Crocus
Rotten and Pumice Stone
Sand and Emery Paper
Patent Sand Paper
Scowering Bricks
Shoemakers Sand Stones
Norway Rag Stones
Shropshire and Lancashire Scythe Stones, and Scythe Burrs
Rifles for Scythes
Turkey Oil Stones
Barbers and polishing Hones
Marbles Bosses and Alleys
Fish Skins, Fins, and Dutch Rush
Ink Powder and Sealing Wax
Waste Cards
Hour Glasses
Looking Glasses
Sash, Screw, and Nailing Pullies
Bell Handles, Bell Cranks, and Bell Wire
Bed and Chair Castors
Bed Wheels
Chalk Lines and Chalk Line Reels
Peg and Whip Tops
File and Graver Handles
Tea Table Bells
House, Sheep and Cow Bells
Ox Bows
Pike Stems and Rakes
Garden Rakes
Tooth and Buckle Brushes
Shaving Brushes
Horse Brushes
Curry and Mane Combs
Ivory and Horn Combs
Japan'd, enamell'd, painted, and Brass Hat, Cloak, and Window Pins and Hooks
Table and Desert Knives and Forks
Carving Knives and Forks
Children's knives and Forks in Sheaths
Butchers Knives
Oyster Knives
Pen Knives and Pocket Knives
Pruning and Sheeps Foot Knives Lancets and Phlegms
Womens Scissars
Horse and Shop Scissars
Taylors Shears
Sheep Shears
Glovers and Garden Shears
Braziers and Tinmens Shears
Corkscrews and Cork Drawers
Pastry Cooks Irons and Larding Pins
Barbers Toupee and pinching Irons
Black Hair and Steel Hat Pins
Pewterers Letters and Figures
Burning Letters
Pistol Tinder Boxes
Fire Steels and Flints for ditto
Dark Lanthorns
Common and White Chapel Needles
Packing Needles
Hatters and Glovers Needles
Sail Needles and Palms
Common and best Kirby Fish Hooks, and all Kinds of Sea Hooks
Fowling Pieces and Muskets
Gun Locks, Gun Worms, and Gun Screws
Brass and Steel Shot Chargers
Shot Belts
Powder Horns
Japan'd, Leather, and Horn Powder Flasks
Powder Tryers
Gun Rings and Arm Hooks
Gunpowder Shot, and Flints of all Kinds
Gunsmiths Tools of all Kinds
Copper, Brass, white and yellow Shoe and Knee Buckles
Block Tin
Steel and Mourning ditto
Common and best plated ditto
Chapes and Tongues
Single Tongues and Spur Rowells
Paper, Leather, Horn, Japan'd, and Brass Ink Pots
Ink and Sand Bottles
Brass and white Metal Links and Studs
Glass and enamell'd ditto
Horn and Gilt ditto
White Metal, gilt and all other Kinds of Coat and Vest Buttons
Black and white Hooks and Eyes
Brass Wireand Knitting Pins
Netting Neddles
Wire and Wood Mouse, and Rat Traps
Vermin and Rat Gins
Dog Collars
Dog Chains and Couples
Horse Collars
Black, Roman, and colour'd Jacks and Tumblers
Horn Tumblers
Tea Cannisters
Nutmeg Graters
Tea Tongs
Tea Trays and Hand Waiters
Snuff Boxes and Tobacco Boxes of all Kinds
Pewter Spoons
Iron and Brass Jews Harps
Dutch Skaits
Pen Engines and Tooth Drawers
Nail Nippers
Pencil Cases
Scissar Chains
Dutch and other Spectacles
Temple ditto
Copper Tea Kettles and Saucepans
Brass Sconces
Brass Cocks, and Air Vents
Tap or Barrel Screws
Brass Cabinet Furniture of all Sorts
Clock and Watchmakers Tools and Files of all Sorts
Watch Materials of all Kinds
Watch Keys
Clock Tops
Capital and Baces, &c.
Clock, Alarum and Sash Line
Clock Line Guts
Bow and Wheel Strings
Watch Chains and Split Rings for Watch Chains
Watch and Compter Seals
Brass and Iron Curtain Rings
Key Rings and Swivels
Clock and Alarum Hands
Clock Chains
Clock Pinnions
Coffin Nails, Tacks, and all Kinds of Coffin Furniture
Coffin Rings, Handles and Snipes Bills
Common and best English Faggot Steel
Common and best Blister Steel
Foreign and English German Steel
Shear Steel
Roll'd Sheet, and Fender Iron
Roll'd Furnace Doors
Shear and Coulter Moulds
Iron Hoops
Round and Tintern Rods
Shovel Plates
Split Rods
Iron Wire and Tin Plates
Common, notted, and short Link Traces, and Ox Chains
Back and Belly Bands
Coach and Waggon Clouts


Manufactur'd at their Iron Foundery in St. PHILIP'S.

Iron Pots and Kettles
Tea Kettles, Saucepans, Bake Plates, Boilers, Furnaces, Soap Pans, and Plumbers Kettles
Sugar Pans
Pye Pans and Covers
Pudding Dishes
Frying Pans and Milk Stoves
Stew Dishes and Grates
Cart, Coach, and Chaise Boxes of all Kinds
Pantheon and Bath Stove Plates
Backs, Hearths, and Plates of all Kinds
Furnace Doors, Frames and Bars
Clothiers Stoves, Cockles, and Press Plates
Ironing Stoves and new invented Stoves for airing of Churches, Rooms, &c.
Clamp Kiln Plates
Cast Clamps or Heaters for Ironing Boxes
Ditto for Tea Urns
Iron Weights from 1 qr. lb. to 56lb.
Ashpit and Gout Grates
Tew Irons and Sad Irons
Hatters Irons, Bisons and Planks
Pestles and Mortars
Forge Hammers, Anvils and Plates
Stamp Heads
Draw Ferrings
Garden and Park Rollers
Stove Pipes
Cylenders and Pipes for Fire Engines
Chain Links, Gudgeons, Cranks, Sinking Pipes, Buckets, Clacks, and other Castings for Fire Engines
Apple Mill Rollers, Nuts and Cogs
Cog Wheels and Pinions
Door Scrapers
Pallisadoe Bars and Bannister Heads
Damper Doors and Frames
Sash and Clock Weights
Drug Streaks, cast and wrought
Cast Iron Ovens
And every other Article in the Cast Iron Branch

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