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Management Summary

Background and Purpose
Methodology and Scope of Project
Summary of Significance


Chapter I: Original Patents and Lots, Parsons Survey of c.1745

Chapter II: Speculators and Settlers Prior to the Revolution, 1757-1775

Arch Street Lots
Cresson Family and their Lots

Chapter III: The Revolution, Nationhood and Rapid Development, 1775-1801

The American Revolution, 1775-1781

Post-War Development of Cresson's Square, 1781-1801

Cherry Street and Cresson's Court
Cresson's Alley
Hoffman's Alley
Starr Alley
Fifth Street
Sassafras or Race Street
Sixth Street

Post-War Development of the Arch Street Lots, 1781-1801

177 to 203 Arch Street
Presbyterian Burial Ground
Fifth Street
Sixth Street
Cherry Street
1810 Census

Suggestions for Further Research



A. Block Three in Census and City Directories, 1790, 1791, 1795, 1801

Arch Street
Fifth Street
Sixth Street
Cherry Street
Race Street
Cresson, Hoffman and Star Alleys and Cressons Court

B. Arch Street in 1810

C. Tradesmen on Block Three, 1785-1802

D. Deeds to "Great Lot" at Sixth and Arch Streets

E. Transcript of Certificate in behalf of James Oronoque Dexter, 1787

F. James Dexter, a Biographical Sketch

G. Chain of Title for Dexter Lot, 134 N. Fifth Street

Index (omitted from the online edition)


1. William Parson's "Plan of Philadelphia," 1741-1748

2. Clarkson-Biddle, "Plan of the City of Philadelphia," May 30, 1762

3. John Hills, "Plan of the City of Philadelphia," 1796

4. "Old Lutheran Church, in Fifth Street, Philadelphia," William Birch, 1800

5. "Plan of the Arch Street Burial Ground belonging to the Second Presbyterian Church, 1835." Map Case 2.49, Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia

6. Fifth Street between Cherry Street and Quarry facing West. By Kehoe July 1953 (INDE1028)

7. Northwest corner of Arch and Fifth Streets. By Kehoe, July 1953 (INDE 1018)

8. Cherry Street at Fifth Street, looking West. By Kehoe July 1953 (INDE 1022)

9. 515 Cherry Street-North side. By Koehler Summer 1952 (INDE 2365-F)

10. 141 North Sixth Street-East side between Race and Cherry Streets. By William Koehler Summer 1952 (INDE 2364-A)

City Surveys, Philadelphia City Archives

1. "Deed Robt Morris to Wm Rolston–31s Jany 1777" at Mulberry & Fifth Streets & Delaware 5th and Cherry Street

2a. 2b. Survey for Peter DeHaven 6th Street near Mulberry Sept 6th 1791

3a. 3b. Godfrey Minicks Lot, March 7, 1785 and John Clawges lot June 2, 1785

4a. 4b. Survey for Peter Browne April 11, 1803: Arch Street lots from 5th To Sixth Streets

5a. 5b. Francis Zenss NE corner of Sixth and Cherry Streets, Surveyed Augt 2lst 1797

6a. 6b. Andrew Lex Regulated Sept 23rd 1789; Survey for Geo. Webel April 2d 1793; Survey for Isaiah Evans July 18th 1797: Sixth and Sassafras or Race Streets

7a. 7b. Regulation of a lot for John Long North side Cressons Alley

8. George Weibel Survey'd March 27th

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