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Deeds related to the "Great Lot" at the northeast corner of Arch and Sixth Streets

Daniel Wilkinson,
And wife Sarah
Sarah Wilkinson, widow
March 28, 1764
1-7, [54]

Lot or piece of ground on east side Sixth Street, 45 feet on the said street and in length or depth 45 feet Bounded West by 6th Street; North and east by a great lot whereof this was part, now of Anthony Wilkins and said Daniel Wilkinson; and South by a lot of Thomas Wilkinson [part of a great lot whereof Gabriel Wilkinson who was the grandfather of the said Daniel Wilkinson died and his will left (on or about 13 September 1728) unto his son Gabriel and his lawful male issue and Gabriel died and left to Daniel his eldest son and heir- in court for common recovery

Sarah Wilkinson, widow, of the city of Phila.
Peter DeHaven, yeoman, of the city of Phila.
March 22, 1769
1-7, [55?]

Sells same lot as above for L75 This deed explains Great lot in more detail: Part of a Great Lot 99 feet by 306 feet which Richard Hill, Isaac Norris and James Logan Commissioners of William Penn, Esq., ...patent date March 10, 1715/16. Patent Book A, vol. 5, p. 413.

Brian Wilkinson,
And wife Esther
And John Knowles, Merchant
And wife Mary [daughter of Anthony Wilkinson]
Peter DeHaven, Yeoman
Oct. 26, 1769
1-7 [55-56]

Lot on east side of Sixth Street between Mulberry and Race for L42 17 feet on Sixth by 74 feet to John Cope's ground Bounded Southward partly by Wilkinson and Knowles and partly by the lot of Peter DeHaven purchased from Sarah Wilkinson

This deed adds new family information:
The 1728 will of Gabriel Wilkinson left to son Thomas 45 feet fronting Arch and Sixth Street and to son Gabriel a 45 foot lot fronting Sixth Street and to Grandson Brian a 45 foot lot fronting Arch Street And ordered the remainder of the Great Lot sold to pay his debts. Son Gabriel died and no lots yet sold Gabriel's issue Anthony, his oldest son, Rebecca, Mary, Margaret, Gabriel, by his first ventor and Thomas, Vashti and Mildred by second ventor to inherit, share and share alike Rebecca and Thomas soon died intestate without issue; Mildred married Edmond Allen Brian, eldest son of Anthony petitioned to Orphan's Court Brian Wilkinson and John Knowles [brother-in-law] buy out others (as I understand it)

Note: I did not copy the text that stated that John Knowles married Anthony's daughter Mary Wilkinson, but it did come from this deed.

Recorded Jan 3, 1770

Peter De Haven, Gentleman
Peter De Haven, Jr., Esquire, grandson
Oct. 14, 1800
E.F. 10 [271?] (the Grantor index cites p. 271, but no page nos. visible on microfilm)

All those new 3-story brick messuage or tenement and 2 story brick kitchen & lot or piece of ground thereunto...situated at the Northeast corner of Mulberry Street and Delaware Sixth Street in breadth on Mulberry 22'6 (including the westernmost 1/2 of a 3-foot alley which extends from the said Mulberry St. the full depth of the said Messuage extending the further depth of 6 feet north sloping on each side to a post fixed or to be fixed for hanging of gates which said alley at all times hereafter forever is to be and remain open as the same now is for the common use of the owners and occupiers of this and the messuage & lot to the eastward & in length or depth along the said Sixth St. 49 feet 1/2 more or less from the said Mulberry St. to & in a line with the middle of the northern wall of the said Kitchen Bounded

Northward by a messuage & ground of said Peter Dehaven & partly by the easternmost moiety of the said 3-foot wide alley

Southward by Mulberry Street

Westward by 6th s° and also a slip of ground 3 feet in width extending from the hereby granted lot from the northeast corner thereof and in a straight continuation of the back line eastward 4 feet and then northward c. 5 feet to the brick necessary or House of Office together with the exclusive use of the South eastern apartment of the said necessary and the common use at all times hereafter for ever of the well over which the said necessaries are erected...from time to time a quarter part of the expenses for keeping and maintaining the said well in clean and good order.

Peter De Haven Jr. Esquire, of the Township of Radnor, Delaware Co.
Hugh De Haven, Farmer, of the same place
December 16, 1800
E.F. 10, [272?] (this deed follows in sequence the one above)

Sells above property to him for $3000

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