Hubbell Trading Post
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This section graphically documents the existing conditions at Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site. The illustrations also address views, vistas and significant landscape elements, including close-up photographs of the Hubbell Home (figure 50) and associated features (figures 51, 52). The base maps show existing conditions and additional landscape details (figures 53, 54, 55). A keyed, photo map (figure 56) indicates good photo vantage points, many of which illustrate significant landscape features (figures 57-63) as well as existing conditions (figures 63-81). Field sketches documenting other landscape features appear in Appendix 3.

visitor/administration office
Figure 50. Front entry — south side of visitor contact/administration office, 1993.

Figure 51. North patio area of Hubbell Trading Post with griding wheel, 1993.

Figure 52. Historic gate between Hubbell Trading Post and Hubbell home, 1993.

Figure 53. Existing conditions base map for Hubbell Trading Post landscape. (click on image for a enlargement in a new window)

Figure 54. Landscape detail — schoolhouse tract. (click on image for a enlargement in a new window)

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