Hopewell Culture
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Exhibiting the Hopewell Culture

Apart from the earthworks, objects retrieved by archeological investigations are the principal physical remnants of the Hopewell culture and serve as important means of teaching the public about the prehistoric past. Much human effort and financial resources have been expended to obtain, procure, and preserve Hopewellian artifacts. For the Squier and Davis collection lost to Great Britain during the Civil War, efforts to return it to the United States have waxed and waned since its purchase by William Blackmore. While a loan of some of the objects did occur, collective American hopes for the collection's repatriation have dimmed considerably at the end of the twentieth century.

Museum exhibit
Figure 53: Museum exhibit showing artistic interpretation of Hopewellian burial ceremony. Mural painting by Louis Glanzman. (NPS/ca. 1970s)


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