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But while these things came to pass, Kamehameha was grown to man's estate, and betook himself to dwell in Hilo, where he abode for some years, waxing stronger in manhood and greater of stature, so that his fame began to spread abroad, even as far as Kohala, where Kalaniopuu had taken up his abode, with his chiefs and princes.

Now, when Kalaniopuu had heard these tidings of the young Kamehameha, his heart waxed warm within him, and he sent a messenger unto him saying: "Come back with this my messenger and dwell with me in the land of Kohala, for I will welcome thee, and there shall no harm come nigh thee."

And when the messenger had come to Kamehameha, and had delivered these messages unto him, Kamehameha set forth with the messenger and came into the land of Kohala to take up his abode and to dwell in the shadow of the King's cloak.

And the King received him gladly, and wept over him, as was the custom of those days. And made a feast for him, and bade all the chiefs and captains and princes to be present, and many spake good words to Kamehameha. And when they had nearly made an end of speaking, the prince Kaiokuanuiakanaele stood up and spoke to those assembled in this manner:

"Behold, O King, and all ye princes and chiefs here assembled, I have words for ye to hear. Of this Kamehameha are many strange things told, and there be rumors and strange whispers concerning him. Now therefore, gather together the kahunas and the priestesses that they may examine into his future and tell us the things that shall come unto him."


After these words, the King sent forth messengers and gathered together the priests and the priestesses exceeding wise in wisdom and prophecy, a goodly company. And they came and stood before the King. And the King commanded them, saying "Search ye the future and inquire of the gods concerning the life of this young man, so that I may hear that which ye may learn concerning him."

And the priests took counsel together, and communed with their gods, and made answer: "O King, we have taken counsel together, and have looked into the future and thus do we prophecy concerning the young Kamehameha: Great shall he be and mighty; a warrior above all warriors. None shall stand before him, neither may any dare to meet him in combat. Behold we do pronounce him dedicated to the stormy winds, and as a stormy wind shall he live, sweeping all before him, for none may stand in his path."

And having said these things, the kahunas were silent.

Then turned the King to the priestesses, the wise women, even Kahookahikuaa of Waikamalii, and Kamalelemauliokalani, the priestess of Pihanaakalani i Wailua, Kauai, and a high princess of that land, and Kanoena a prophetess of Kealia, and Kalaniwahine, a priestess and a high princess also, and asked of them "What say ye, O wise ones, concerning the young Kamehameha?"

And they made answer unto the King and said, "Thus say we, O King: it shall be to Kamehameha even as the kahunas have pronounced."

But Kalaniwahine, the high princess, stood out before the King and all the chiefs assembled, and lifted up her voice yet again saying:


"Hearken ye unto these words, and mark them well, for they are words of wisdom. The young Kamehameha will have but one adversary who will sorely try his strength, and the strength of his men learned in the throwing of spears, for surely will Keaweokahikona try them to the uttermost. And now behold, these twain are of one blood, wherefore it is fitting for Kamehameha to go and visit his relative, that they may learn and understand and dwell together as brothers. Also there is a deed for Kamehameha to do, even the overthrowing of a mountain. And now is the time propitious for these things, therefore let him hasten and tarry not, lest he be too late for the meeting."

So the King and the princes and the chiefs took counsel together and the next day following made preparations for the journey of Kamehameha to see his relative Keaweokahikona, and to visit the Naha Stone in front of the temple Pinao in Hilo.

And when all the preparations were accomplished, they set sail in their canoes, the young Kamehameha being accompanied by the prophetess Kalaniwahine and by two high chiefs, Naihe and Kalaninuimakolukolu.

Now the journey was made without mishap, (the three mountains of Hawaii being exceedingly clear to the sight,) and the canoes reached Hilo. And as soon as the canoes had touched the shore of Hilo, Naihe and the others departed directly for the home of the princess Ululani, who, when she saw them approaching, stood in the doorway of her house and cried unto them, and to Naihe, saying: "Tell me, I pray thee, my own dear flesh, whence camest thou, and what is the reason of thy journey over the seas?"

And they made answer, saying, "O Mother, one comes with us, Kamehameha, who seeks for his relative, and this is the reason for his coming before you."

Now while they spake these words, Ululani walked further out of the house, and saw Kamehameha approaching, and immediately she began to call upon his namne in a loud voice, uttering these words:

"See the gloomy night withdrawing,
And the roseate morning breaking;
While the rainbow of Haao
Upward leaps from Auaulele:
Lo! here comes the long expected
Comes Laninuimehameha
Comes to Kealohilani
Welcome to this home, O chieftain,
Come within and drink the awa
Kane planted in Hawaii:
Bathe in the forbidden waters
Pool of Ponahakeone.
     So shall all the god's descendants
     By thine action be preserved."

And so he came to her. And, as was the custom, they wept together.

And straightway a feast was made for the princes and for Kamehameha, and for the canoemen that came with him. For it was the custom of Kamehameha ever to care for the high man and the low man, and this was the reason for his many victories in battle.

And when they had made an end of feasting, Ululani again asked them of their journey, and said to Kamehameha: "Tell me now, was there not a word spoken unto thee, and that is the reason of thy journey?"

Hilo Bay
Hilo Bay as it appeared in 1824, looking northwest toward the slopes of Mauna Kea (From Byron, Voyage of HMS Blonde. Engraved from a drawing made on the spot by Robert Dampier).

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