Area Investigation Report
on a Proposed Guadalupe Mountainsa National Park Texas
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The entire area of the Guadalupe Mountains in Texas is appropriate for park and recreation use. It includes not only the higher forested mountain tops, but also the slopes and sufficient surrounding fringe of the desert foothills to protect scenic values and provide for access and development. Since adequate water is the key to development, as many water sources as possible are included within the suggested boundary. The accompanying map indicates the lands containing significant geological and ecological values, and the area needed for development, all of which is also scenic and appropriate for park use. On the west side the extraordinary geologic story demands the acquisition of enough land -- from crest through bajada to salt flat -- to protect and allow interpretation of that story.

The ruins of the Butterfield Stage Station at the mouth of Pine Spring Canyon are bisected by the property line between the J. C. Hunter, Jr., ranch and the land owned by Mr. Walter Glover. The entire site, of historic significance, should be in the authorized area.

View southeast along west side fault scarp to the Patterson Hills and the Salt Lakes, from the Blue Ridge. Another potential roadside overlook.

Air view southast down Black Canyon, Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico. This is the country to be seen from the proposed ridge road between Carlsbad Caverns National Park and the proposed Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

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Last Updated: 09-Feb-2007