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Geology of the Southern Guadalupe Mountains, Texas


No record of Mesozoic time now remains in the rocks of the southern Guadalupe Mountains, although at one time the area was probably covered at least by Cretaceous sediments. Some deductions regarding Mesozoic time, however, can be made from tectonic features and land forms in the southern Guadalupe Mountains and from the Mesozoic rocks in nearby areas. They are mentioned in other places in this paper, and illustrated by some of the figures.

The relations of the Mesozoic rocks of the Guadalupe Mountains region to the Permian rocks are discussed on pages 105-108 and are illustrated in figure 15, B. An ancient peneplain on the summits of the Guadalupe Mountains, which may be the now exhumed surface on which the Cretaceous sediments were once deposited, is described and interpreted on pp. 139-140, and is illustrated on plates 18 and 22.

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