Walker Sisters Home
Historic Structures Report, Part II & Furnishing Study
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PLATE I. Walker Sisters House. One of the finest examples of Great Smoky Mountain log construction.

PLATE II. East elevation of kitchen, showing general condition of the wall and stone chimney.

PLATE III. Partial view of north (rear) elevation showing kitchen projection. Note condition of stone foundation.

PLATE IV. Partial view, north (rear) elevation showing two-story portion of the house. Note condition of chinking.

PLATE V. West elevation of two-story portion shows deterioration of logs and chinking.

PLATE VI. South end of two-story portion. Variation in the stone would indicate that the chimney may have been rebuilt twice.

PLATE VII. The general deteriorated condition of the porch and the kitchen is very evident.

PLATE VIII. View showing condition of porch flooring, sills and post.

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Last Updated: 30-Sep-2009