A Report on Archeological Investigations Within the Grand Portage Depot (21CK6), Grand Portage National Monument, Minnesota: The Kitchen Drainage Project
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Several persons deserve thanks for their respective roles in this undertaking at Grand Portage. Like all archeological projects, this was the product of many individuals working together to achieve a purpose.

Superintendent Dean Einwalter, in particular, showed great concern for the cultural resources in his charge. In addition, former Chief of Maintenance Melvin ("Bun") Gagnon and his Foreman, Duane Spry, also played important parts in facilitating our research efforts. Midwest Regional Historical Architect Mark Chavez and Regional Archeologist Mark Lynott were instrumental in coordinating the archeological field investigations with the actual construction project.

Archeological Technician Paul Stormberg performed the preliminary laboratory processing of materials collected at Grand Portage, and Carrol Moxham prepared the various illustrations for this report. Judy Pace edited the draft of this report, and Marie Johnson produced the final printer's copy.

Rock Cove Construction of Hovland, Minnesota, the National Park Service's Contractor, deserves appreciation for its full cooperation during installation of the drainage system. Stan Bauch, owner of the firm, and Noble R. Carlson, project foreman, both demonstrated an admirable desire to complete the project responsibly and in keeping with National Park Service preservation concerns.

Finally, I owe thanks to the field crew members who assisted me during the preconstruction investigations: Caven Clark, Forest Frost, and Paul Stormberg. Because of their hard work, despite the somewhat unpleasant climatic conditions of late Fall in northern Minnesota, we managed to accomplish a great deal during the short, two-week field session.

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Last Updated: 15-Jul-2009