An Archeological Survey of Development Projects Within Grand Portage National Monument, Cook County, Minnesota
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The entire staff at Grand Portage National Monument deserves acknowledgment for the assistance each lent invarious ways to the archeological team. Two staff members, however, merit special thanks: Superintendent Dean Einwalter, who took great interest in our investigations, was most helpful in facilitating our work; and Melvin ("Bun") Gagnon, Chief of Maintenance, provided information and equipment necessary for completion of our tasks.

Regional Archeologist Mark Lynott maintained administrative oversight on the project from our offices in Lincoln, Nebraska. Others at the Midwest Archeological Center whose efforts are appreciated include Anastasia Steffen, who processed the artifact collections; Carrol Moxham, who produced the illustrations with typical excellence; Carol Raish, who kindly and ably edited the text; and Marie Johnson, who was most helpful in assisting with the editing and text preparation.

Finally, I would like to thank Caven Clark and Holly Houghten for their work in the field. Their efficiency enabled us to finish our investigations well ahead of schedule, and their good humor made the brief stay at Grand Portage most enjoyable.

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Last Updated: 15-Jul-2009