An Archeological Survey of Development Projects Within Grand Portage National Monument, Cook County, Minnesota
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During the late summer of 1988, personnel from the Midwest Archeological Center conducted an archeological survey within Grand Portage National Monument. Those investigations were necessitated by several proposed development projects that would possibly involve ground disturbance on various land parcels. The projects included construction of new visitor/administration and maintenance facilities, stabilization of a section of Lake Superior shoreline, burial of a utility line, and installation of a parking lot gate.

For the most part, investigations revealed that construction would have no adverse effect on cultural resources. One early Historic period site was discovered on a parcel, identified as a maintenance facility alternate, near the eastern boundary of the Monument. Recommendations for mitigation are offered, should that parcel be selected for construction.

In addition, several surface dumps of relatively recent refuse were observed in the field. One such dump, located near the western boundary of the Monument, lies within the proposed visitor/administration facility project area. Preliminary evaluation of the deposit suggests that it probably dates from the turn of the last century and may have archeological significance. Avoidance of that refuse dump is recommended.

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Last Updated: 15-Jul-2009