Grand Portage:
A History of The Sites, People, and Fur Trade
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In past reports I have restricted the bibliography to those sources cited in the footnotes. In the case of Grand Portage, I am including dozens of sources not cited. One of the objectives of this study was to examine archival material and published documents concerning the Grand Portage wherever they were found. Thanks to the policies of the Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation, the time and the funds were available to visit the various archives. Even the material that added little or nothing to knowledge of the Grand Portage is listed below. Thus, by referring to this bibliography, one may determine if a particular document was consulted. Hopefully, the future will bring more details of the appearance of and life at Grand Portage. However, the future researcher, by referring to this bibliography, will know what has already been consulted.

1. Manuscript Material

Séminaire de Québec, Quebec, Canada

"Accord et convention entre Alex. MacKenzie et McTavish Frobisher & Co., 24 juillet 1790."

Ledger Book, Sir Alexander Mackenzie and Company (XY Company), including dates 1798-1804.

Ledger, Dr. to Outfits, 1802-05, Sir Alexander Mackenzie and Company.

Statement of Outfits, 1799-1805, Sir Alexander Mackenzie and Company.

Ledger, 1805-1830, Sir Alexander Mackenzie and Company, filed under North West Company.

Letter Book, 1802-09, Sir Alexander Mackenzie and Company.

Université de Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Baby Collection, Minutes of Meetings of the North West Company, 1801-1804.

Baby Collection, Register, XY Company, containing an Inventory of the XY Company at Grand Portage.

McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Masson Collection, Joseph Frobisher, Letter Book, 1787-1788.

Masson Collection, North West Company Partnership Agreement, 1790; North West Co. Agreements, 1792; and North West Co. Partnership Document, 1795.

John Macdonall "Lake Athabasca et les Chipweans." This manuscript shows evidence of editing, possibly by either Roderic McKenzie or L. R. Masson.

Toronto Public Library, Ontario, Canada

William Drummer Powell Papers, vol. 75, "Quebec Papers, McTavish, Marchand, Col. Fortune, McGowan, 1786-1788," and vol. 92, "Selkirk Papers."

Ontario Provincial Archives, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"An Account of the Athabasca Indians," probably by Roderic McKenzie.

Agreement concerning a reorganization of the North West Company, 1804, 49 pp.

Joseph Bouchette, "Map of the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada with the Adjacent Parts of the United States of America." This map has a sketch of Fort William, Ont., mistakenly captioned as being Grand Portage. Map is numbered SV 1100-1815, and comes in four sections.

Dougal Cameron, N.W. Co., "The Nepigon Country, A Sketch of the Customs, manners, and way of living of the Natives in the barren country around Nepigon, with extracts from his Journal in 1804 and 1805." Editorial marks evident. Photostats and typescript only.

Alexander Henry, Journal, 1799, in Merritt Papers. 2 packages.

Irving Papers, Boundary Question, Ontario.

John Johnson, "An Account of Lake Superior," 1809, typescript.

John McDonell, "Some Account of the Red River," ca. 1807, typescript.

Charles McKenzie, an account of the North West Co., 1806, typescript.

George Henry Monk, "Some Account of the Department of Fond du Lac or Mississippi," 1807, typescript.

North West Company Trials

A Partner of the North West Company (Roderic McKenzie?) "An Account of the Athabasca Indians."

Russell Papers. Contain an agreement whereby Indians at Sault Ste. Marie gave land to North West Co., 1798.

Five Selkirk Documents, Hudson's Bay Co., including Lord Selkirk's maps of Fort William.

Strachan Papers, including a North West Co. letter book, 1812-1834.

David Thompson, Journals and Maps. Of this large, exceedingly important collection, volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 were particularly useful.

Edward Umfreville, "Journal of a Passage in a Canoe from Pais Plat in Lake Superior to Portage de l'Isle in Riviere Ouinipique," June 16-July 31, 1784. Photostats.

Canadian Public Archives, Ottawa, Ontario

"Arrangements of the Proprietors, Clerks, Interpreters, etc., of the North West Company in the Indian Department, 1799."

Askin Papers

Charles Napier Bell, Northwest Papers, 1787-1859.

Jean Baptiste Cadotte Papers, including Articles of Agreement, Grand Portage, 1796.

Charles Chaboillez, Journal, 1797-1798 (from Grand Portage to Pembina River and return).

Ermatinger Paper (Frederick William Ermatinger, sheriff, District of Montreal, 1820's), (Laurent Ermatinger, Engagement Book, 1773-75, and Letter Book, 1770-1778).

Joseph Frobisher, Letter Book, 1787-1788. Handwritten copy of original at McGill University, Montreal.

Daniel Williams Harmon, N. W. CO., "A Journal of Travels . . .1800 to 1819," photostats and typescript. (Original said to be in Library, State University of Iowa.)

Alexander Henry, Journal across the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific, 1799 to 1816, 2 vols., 1,642 pages.

Alexander Henry, Sr., letter to Joseph Banks, Oct. 18, 1781, wherein Henry proposes to cross the continent on behalf of the King. "Copied by Mr. Phelps, from M. J. Gagnon, Quebec, Jan. 12, 1907."

James Keith, Documents from Estate Trust Files of James Keith, of Aberdeen, microfilm.

François Mabrillant, Engagement with Alexander Mackenzie and Co., Feb. 23, 1802.

John Macdonald of Garth, "Autobiographical Notes of John Macdonald of Garth," photostats. Written in 1859 at age 89.

Duncan McGillivray, Journal, photostats. Original is in Colonial Institute, England.

(William McGillivray?), "Some Account of the trade carried on by the North West Company," 1809, photostats.

Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Letter Book, 1802-05, photostats. For original, see Séminaire de Quebec, above.

Alexander Mackenzie, Correspondence between Alexander Mackenzie and Roderic McKenzie, 1786-1816, and Memorandum by Roderic McKenzie. Copies.

Charles McKenzie, Lac Seul, April 20, 1842, to Roderic McKenzie, Terrebonne, Quebec.

Roderic McKenzie, "Memoirs."

Angus Mackintosh, Letter Book, 1798-1803.

North West Company Correspondence, 1791-1799, in Hudson's Bay Company Record, Microfilm 5 MI.

North West Company, Letter Book, 1798-1802.

North West Co. Partners' Trust-Deeds & Agreements, 1799-1820, Hudson's Bay Company Records, Microfilm, 5M13.

Peter Pangman, Sale of his shares in N. W. Co., photostat.

Selkirk Papers, vol. 28, N. W. Co. Papers Seized at Ft. William, 1815-16.

Strathcona Papers: Box 1, Correspondence, N. W. Co. traders, 1791-1816. Box 2, Correspondence. Box 3, Court Cases.

Detroit Public Library, Michigan

Burton Collection, John Askin, Memorandum Book, 1785-1786; Ledgers, 1795-97; Account Book, 1780-1790.

Frederic Baraga Papers, 1828-1933.

Mackintosh Letterbook, 1801-1802, photostats.

Mackintosh Papers, 1798-1800, 2 vols., photostats.

U. S. War Department, unsigned letter, Aug. 1, 1812, to Brig. General Hull, Detroit.

Little Wiley, letter, Michilimackinac, Aug 4, 1816, to Mrs. Suzan Allen, photostat.

Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul's.

Thomas Connor, "Journal of Daily Occurances," 1804-1805, photostats. Original is at the Canadian Public Archives, Ottawa.

Douglas Dunham, "The French Element in the American Fur Trade, 1760-1816," PhD dissertation, U. of Michigan, 1950, 272 pp., microfilm.

Ruth Helgeson, "The XY Company," term thesis, U. of Minnesota, 1924.

Archibald Norman McLeod, Diary, Nov. 15, 1800-June 4, 1801, photostats and typescripts. Original is at McGill University, Montreal.

2. Government Publications. U. S. and Canada.

Brumner, Douglas, Report on Canadian Archives, 1890, Ottawa, 1891.

House Executive Document No. 450, 25th Cong., 2d Sess.

House Executive Document No. 451, 25th Cong., 2d Sess., "Boundary Between the United States and Great Britain," July 3, 1838.

La Rochefoucault-Liancourt, François Alexandre Frédéric, "Tour Through Upper Canada," in Alexander Fraser, Thirteenth Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario, 1916. (Toronto, 1917), pp. 15-119.

Mattes, Merrill J., Robert Riley, Wilfred D. Logan, and Francis R. Roberson, "Historic Structures Report, Reconstruction of the North West Company Stockade, Grand Portage National Monument," National Park Service, July 1964.

(McGillivray, Duncan?), "Some Account of the Trade Carried on By the North West Company," in Arthur G. Doughty, Report of the Public Archives for the Year 1928 (Ottawa, 1929), pp. 56-73.

Riley, Robert J., "Grand Portage: Fur Trade Metropolis of the Past," National Park Service, Sept. 28, 1962.

Senate Document No. 90, 22d Cong., 1st Sess., containing a report by Indian Agent Henry R. Schoolcraft, Sault. Ste. Marie, Oct. 24, 1831, pp. 41-46.

Senate Document No. 1, 27th Cong., 3d Sess., "Message from the President of the United States." (Tyler)

Voorhis, Ernest, compiler, "Historic Forts and Trading Posts of the French regime and of the English Fur Trading Companies," Dept. of the Interior, Ottawa, 1930. Mimeograph.

Woolworth, Alan R., "Archeological Excavations at the Northwest Company's Fur Trade Post, Grand Portage, Minnesota, in 1936-1937, by the Minnesota Historical Society." National Park Service.

Woolworth, Alan R., "Archeological Test Excavations at Grand Portage National Monument, June-September, 1961," National Park Service. Report prepared by the Minnesota Historical Society, Jan. 1962.

Woolworth, Alan R., "Archeological Excavations at Grand Portage National Monument, 1962 Field Season," National Park Service. Report prepared by the Minnesota Historical Society.

3. Periodicals and Articles

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4. Books and Pamphlets

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