Grand Portage:
A History of The Sites, People, and Fur Trade
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An example of the number and kind of furs (furs, skins, robes, and by-products) gathered by two small trading posts on the lower Red River in 1800 follows. The interest in the list is not so much that it represents a typical year's collection—which varied from post to post, but that it illustrates the wide variety of products that passed through Grand Portage. The following comes from Alexander Henry, Jr.'s journal—from an entry that he made in August 1801:

1,475beaver skins, weight 1,904 lbs.
177black bear skins
43brown bear skins
6grizzly bear skins
204wolf skins
184fox skins
16kitt skins
197racoon skins
178fisher skins
96otter skins
62martin skins
97mink skins
5wolverine skins
20loupcervier skins (lynx)
21dressed moose & biche skins
92shaved and parched moose & biche skins
27muskrat skins
56buffalo robes
10badger skins
77bags of pemmican, 90 lbs. each
4kegs of grease
7kegs of beef
10bales of dried beef

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