Grant-Kohrs Ranch
Historic Resource Study/Historic Structures Report/Cultural Resources Statement
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This report is only a beginning. It serves as an introduction to the lengthy and complex history of a large Montana ranch, an institution in whose story is reflected the early settlement of the state and more than a full century of subsequent history: dynamic, prosaic, and multifaceted at one and the same time. A constant aspect of the story is the magnitude of it. The Grant-Kohrs Ranch, the "home ranch" of the immense open range cattle and mining operations of Conrad Kohrs and John Bielenberg, contains a myriad of structures and buildings and a richly furnished ranch house, each worthy of detailed consideration. The documentary collections concerning the Kohrs and Bielenberg Home Ranch are massive and detailed, revealing a range cattle operation that spanned all of Montana and parts of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and the Canadian province of Alberta. The raising of thoroughbred cattle is also an important part of the Kohrs and Bielenberg home ranch story. One of the partner's business ledgers for the period 1892 to 1901 listed 591 separate accounts, some for amounts over half a million dollars, yet others noting only a few hours pay for a summer ranch hand who helped in haying.

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