Grant-Kohrs Ranch
Administrative History
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Chapter 1: Going Into the Cattle Business: NPS Acquisition

Chapter 2: Working Ranch and Working Park: Planning

Chapter 3: The Size of the Spread: Lands

Chapter 4: A Home On the Range: Facilities Development

Chapter 5: Preserving the Home Place: Cultural Resources Management

Chapter 6: Cattle or Cook Stoves: Interpretation

Chapter 7: Real Ranch or Not: Natural Resources Management


Appendix I: Chronology

Appendix II: Roster of Key Staff

Appendix III: Legislation

a. Senate Report No. 92-1029
b. House Report No. 92-1222
c. Congressional Record, Pt. 21
d. Congressional Record, Pt. 22
e. P. L. 92-406, Aug. 25, 1972
f. P. L. 95-625, Nov. 10, 1978
g. P. L. 96-607, Dec. 28, 1980

Photo 1. Nell and Con Warren, 1934
Photo 2. Vernon B. Hennesay and group of Yellowstone Park employees
Photo 3. Warren Ranch House, c. 1945
Photo 4. Aerial view of Warren/Grant-Kohrs Ranch
Photo 5. Supt. Richard R. Peterson speaking at park dedication
Photo 6. Visitor contact station and restrooms c. 1975
Photo 7. Branding demonstration, 1982
Photo 8. Mowing with horses, 1978
Photo 9. Supt. Eddie L. Lopez and Con Warren, 1989
Photo 10. Mobile home used as employee housing
Photo 11. First park headquarters at 314 Main St
Photo 12. Nearly-completed visitor facilities, 1975
Photo 13. Pedestrian underpass construction
Photo 14. Completed pedestrian underpass
Photo 15. Supt. Jim Taylor speaking at Last Spike Centennial program
Photo 16. Second park headquarters at 210 Missouri Avenue
Photo 17. Restoration of stallion barn
Photo 18. NPS personnel with new park entrance sign
Photo 19a. Refurnished rooms in the ranch house
Photo 19b. Refurnished rooms in the ranch house
Photo 20. Mike McWright and Randi Bry in curatorial storage area
Photo 21. Mike McWright and Mick Holm working on exhibits
Photo 22. Ed Griggs and Mick Holm driving team of Belgians
Photo 23. Pete Cartwright using team for hauling materials
Photo 24. Chuck wagon demonstration, 1982
Photo 25. Lyndel Meikle giving a ranch house tour
Photo 26. Bill Stalker at chuck wagon demonstration
Photo 27. Parking lot and visitor contact station
Photo 28. Last Spike Centennial celebration
Photo 29. Superintendent Anthony J. Schetzsle
Photo 30. Winter landscape at Grant-Kohrs Ranch
Photo 31. Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS staff, 1995

Map 1. Vicinity Map
Map 2. Proposed Land Ownership
Map 3. Street Map, City of Deer Lodge
Map 4. Land Status
Map 5. Land Protection Plan Map
Map 6. Historical Base Map
Map 7. Proposed Boundary

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