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Chapter One: (PDF)
Becoming a National Park, 1882-1919

Chapter Two: (PDF)
Foundations, 1919-1929

Chapter Three: (PDF)
Ironic Golden Years, 1930-1941

Chapter Four: (PDF)
World War and Its Wake, 1942-1955

Chapter Five: (PDF)
Infrastructural Last Hurrah, 1956-1975

Chapter Six: (PDF)
An End to Consensus, 1976-1999

Chapter Seven: (PDF)
Upshots and Prognosis

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Visitation Statistics

Appendix 2: (PDF)
Park Superintendents

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Front cover: Tour cars bumper-to-bumper from the Fred Harvey Garage to the El Tovar Hotel, ca.1923. Traffic congestion has steadily worsened at Grand Canyon Village since the automobile became park visitors' vehicle of choice in the mid-1920s.GRCA 3552; Fred Harvey Company photo.

Inset front cover photo: Ranger Perry Brown collects a one dollar "automobile permit" fee at the South Rim,1931.GRCA 30.

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Monograph Number 11

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Anderson, Michael F.
Polishing the jewel : an adminstrative history of Grand Canyon National Park/by Michael F. Anderson
p. cm. -- (Monograph / Grand Canyon Association ; no. 11)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0-938216-72-4
1. Grand Canyon National Park (Ariz.)--Management-History. 2.Grand Canyon National Park (Ariz.)--History. 3. United States. National Park Service-History. I. Title. II. Monograph (Grand Canyon Association) ; no. 11.
F788 .A524 2000

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