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By Hal K. Rothman, Principal Investigator &
Daniel J. Holder Senior Research Historian

GGNRA Superintendents

TitleYears at GGNRA
William J. Whalen General Manager, Bay Area Parks1/23/1972 — 7/02/1977
Jerry L. Schober Acting General Manager7/03/1977 — 10/22/1977
Jerry L. Schober Superintendent8/04/1974 — 2/10/1979
Lynn H. ThompsonSuperintendent4/23/1978 — 2/29/1980
William J. Whalen Superintendent6/01/1980 — 2/12/1981
John H. Davis Superintendent1/10/1982 — 9/28/1985
Brian O'Neill Acting Superintendent9/29/1985 — 2/15/1986
Brian O'Neill Superintendent2/16/1986 — Fall 2000

1Assigned to Golden Gate NRA; administered Golden Gate NRA, Point Reyes NS, Muir Woods NM, and Fort Point NHS from 10/27/1972. A south area superintendent position was filled as of 8/4/1974 at Golden Gate NRA, and the north area was assumed by the incumbent superintendent and Point Reyes. The areas formerly supervised by the superintendent of Point Reyes, John Muir NHS and Muir Woods NM, were then placed under the supervision of the south area superintendent. Title was changed on 10/11/1975 from Bay Area General Superintendent to General Manager of Bay Area Parks.

2Organizational change eliminated the north area (Point Reyes) from the Bay Area grouping on 10/1/1977, and the title of General Manager was discontinued effective 10/22/1977.

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