Man in Glacier
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To my sons,
Brett who saw a bear near St. Mary Falls,
Austin who fed the squirrels at Hidden Lake, and
Jesse who got entirely soaked at Avalanche Lake,
and other hikers of their generation.


The Rocky Mountain Regional Office of the National Park Service in Denver supplied me with substantial information through the efforts of Jim Harpster and Regional Director Lynn Thompson. Many personal friends aided the completion of this study and foremost among them are Glacier historian Michael J. Ober and my esteemed colleague Wayne B. Henry. The library staffs at Arapahoe Community College and the Denver Public Library, Dale Johnson at the University of Montana Archives, and Lory Morrow at the Montana State Historical Society all provided assistance. Credit must go to Glacier's Chief Naturalist Ed Rothfuss for proposing this project and to Jerry De Santo for encouraging me to undertake it. Many friends in Glacier have willingly assisted me in collecting information and pictures, but special help was given by Ranger Doug Erskine. B. Riley McClelland, Dr. James Habeck, Ev Lundgren, Joan Berry, Martha Sloan, "Tommy" Thomas, Mel Ruder, Paula Dustin, and Francis Elmore all provided great help. Special thanks are due to my wife, Marcy, for a year and a half of tolerance.


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The author
Curt Buchholtz has previously written a number of articles about the history of Glacier National Park, including such subjects as Superintendent Logan, Ranger Frank Liebig, and the problems of use and preservation.

Born in Wisconsin and raised on a farm near the rural community of Poy Sippi, he graduated from Lawrence University and obtained his master's degree at the University of Montana.

He has worked seasonally in Glacier for the National Park Service in forestry and fire control since 1963. In the winters he teaches history at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado.

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Francis H. Elmore, Northglenn, Colorado

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Glacier Natural History Association, Inc.
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Man in Glacier
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