Some Lakes of Glacier National Park
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There are many other lakes in the park, some of them large, some of them small, which have not been studied. Many of these are removed from the trails, while some of them are close to present trails. Many of these lakes are already supplied with an abundance of fish. Still others are, by their location, and by the presence of falls between them and the lower waters, devoid of fish life. It is highly desirable that further study of these lakes should be made. Such study, doubtless, will be carried on in the near future.

With a pleasure ground of the area of this park, approximating, as it does, 1,500 square miles, with so many streams of water leading into the Atlantic, the Arctic, and the Pacific, and the wealth of magnificent scenery that the country affords, there will, doubtless, be many more trails made in the years to come than there are at present. Where hundreds of people now visit the park, thousands—perhaps tens of thousands—will visit it in the years to come. The introduction of fish into the various streams and lakes that will support fish life will make the park more attractive to tourists and render their stay more pleasant. The introductory work of placing fish in the streams and lakes is not very arduous and should be carried on now, so as to give time for the fish to grow and reach maturity before the heavy park traffic shall begin.

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Last Updated: 02-Apr-2007