Through The Years In Glacier National Park
An Administrative History
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List of Superintendents since the Establishment of Glacier National Park

NameTitle Period of Service
Major Wm. R. LoganSupt. of Road & Trail Construction8-8-10 to 12-1-10
Major Wm. R. LoganInspector in Charge12-1-10 to 4-1-11
Major Wm. R. LoganSuperintendent4-1-11 to 2-7-12
Henry W. HutchingsActing Superintendent2-8-12 to 5-15-12
Robert H. ChapmanActing Superintendent5-16-12 to 11-30-12
James L. GalenSuperintendent12-1-12 to 8-4-14
Samuel F. RalstonSupervisor8-5-14 to 6-17-17
George E. GoodwinActing Supervisor6-18-17 to 8-15-17
Walter W. PayneSuperintendent8-16-17 to 6-30-20
George E. GoodwinActing Superintendent7-1-20 to 11-30-20
Henry W. HutchingsActing Superintendent12-1-20 to 5-11-21
J. Ross EakinSuperintendent5-12-21 to 1-9-24
Henry W. HutchingsActing Superintendent1-10-24 to 1-24-24
Charles J. KraebelSuperintendent1-25-24 to 2-25-27
Raymond R. VincentActing Superintendent2-26-27 to 4-10-27
J. Ross EakinSuperintendent4-11-27 to 1-15-31
Eivind T. ScoyenSuperintendent1-16-31 to 12-31-38
Donald S. LibbySuperintendent1-1-39 to 8-25-44
John W. EmmertSuperintendent9-1-44 to 3-31-58
Stanley C. JosephActing Superintendent4-1-58 to 6-10-58
Edward A. HummelSuperintendent6-1-58 to 9-17-62
Harthon L. BillSuperintendent10-14-62 to 3-14-64
Keith NeilsonSuperintendent3-15-64 to

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Last Updated: 15-Jan-2004