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Gettysburg Seminar Papers



The Fifth Annual Gettysburg Seminar, "The Unsung Heroes of Gettysburg," was presented on March 23, 1996, in the Cyclorama Center and on the field of Gettysburg National Military Park. These Proceedings include papers prepared by those who gave lectures and led field programs as part of the Seminar. For readability, notes appear at the end of each paper. The notes vary according to each presenter's style; e.g., some cite research evidence, some cite further bibliographic sources.

No attempt has been made to homogenize the various writing styles of the presenters, nor did the editor change any of the historical content of papers. To give the Proceedings a stylistically similar appearance throughout, editorial efforts were applied to the format of papers and notes, in addition to spelling and grammatical editing.

The papers are included in the Proceedings in the order of the program presented on March 23.

Barbara J. Finfrock
Gettysburg, PA

May 1996

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