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Cover: Retreat by Recoil by Don Troiani, Southbury, Connecticut.

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Casualties of War:
The Effects of the Battle of Gettysburg Upon an Infantry Regiment
D. Scott Hartwig

The Hannah Ropes Family of Massachusetts:
A Struggle for American Values
Rebecca Lyons

Blacks in Blue and Gray:
The Afro-American Contribution to the Civil War
Dr. Edward C. Smith

"We saved the Line From Being Broken"
Freeman McGilvery, John Bigelow, Charles Reed, and the Battle of Gettysburg
Eric Campbell

Men of Action:
Unsung Heroes of the Cavalry Battle
Thomas Holbrook

"These Were Days of Horror":
The Gettysburg Civilians
Timothy Smith

Pettigrew and Trimble:
The Other Half of the Story
Karlton Smith

100% Confederate Stories:
The Men in the Ranks of the Army of Northern Virginia
Edward Guy

If You Seek His Monument - Look Around:
E.B. Cope and the Gettysburg National Military Park
Thomas Schaefer


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