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Bulletin No. 62

Foraminifera, Stratigraphy, and Paleoecology of the Quinault Formation, Point Grenville-Raft River Coastal Area, Washington


All specimens are from the Quinault Formation exposed along the Washington coast between Point Grenville and the mouth of the Raft River. All figures X 50.


1. Cassidulina islandica Nörvang
2. Cassidulina limbata Cushman and Hughes
3. Cassidulina translucens Cushman and Hughes
4. Chilostomella cf. C. czizeki Reuss
5. Cassidulina reflexa Galloway and Wissler
6. Pullenia miocenica Kleinpell
7. Pullenia cf. P. salisburyi R. E. and K. C. Stewart
8. Globigerina pachyderma (Ehrenberg)
9. Sphaeroidina bulloides d'Orbigny
10. Globigerina bulloides d'Orbigny
11. Globorotalia crassaformis (Galloway and Wissler)
12. Anomalinoides quinaultensis Rau n. sp., Holotype
13. Cibicides conoideus Galloway and Wissler
14. Cibicides fletcheri Galloway and Wissler
15. Cibicides mckannai Galloway and Wissler

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