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Bulletin No. 62

Foraminifera, Stratigraphy, and Paleoecology of the Quinault Formation, Point Grenville-Raft River Coastal Area, Washington


All specimens are from the Quinault Formation exposed along the Washington coast between Point Grenville and the mouth of the Raft River. All figures X 50.


1. Bulimina subacuminata Cushman and R. E. Stewart
2. Globobulimina auriculata (Bailey)
3. Oolina melo d'Orbigny
4. Virgulina californiensis ticensis Cushman and Kleinpell
5. Bolivina advena Cushman
6. Bolivina acuminata Natland
7. Uvigerina cf. U. hootsi Rankin
8. Uvigerina juncea Cushman and Todd
9. Uvigerina senticosa Cushman
10. Uvigerina subperegrina Cushman and Kleinpell
11. Angulogerina semitrigona (Galloway and Wissler)
12. Oolina borealis Loeblich and Tappan
13. Discorbis? columbiensis Cushman
14. Valvulineria malagaensis Kleinpell
15. Valvulineria washingtonensis (Cushman and R. E. and K. C. Stewart)
16. Eponides healdi R. E. and K. C. Stewart
17. Buccella inusitata Andersen
18. Rotalia cf. R. garveyensis Natland
19. Cassidulina californica Cushman and Hughes
20. Epistominella pacifica (Cushman)

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