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Bulletin No. 62

Foraminifera, Stratigraphy, and Paleoecology of the Quinault Formation, Point Grenville-Raft River Coastal Area, Washington


(Omitted from the online edition)
All specimens are from the Quinault Formation exposed along the Washington coast between Point Grenville and the mouth of the Raft River. All figures x 50 except figures 1, 4, 5, 6, and 12, which are X 25.


1. Gaudryina pliocenica Cushman and R. E. and K. C. Stewart
2. Quinqueloculina cf. Q. akneriana d'Orbigny
3. Pyrgo spp
4. Dentalina?
5. Dentalina cf. D. baggi Galloway and Wissler
6. Dentalina cf. D. decepta (Bagg)
7. Lagena pliocenica timmsana Cushman and Gray
8. Lagena dentaliniformis Bagg
9. Lagena substriata Williamson
10. Glandulina laevigata d'Orbigny
11. Elphidium hughesi hughesi Cushman and Grant
12. Polymorphina charlottensis Cushman
13. Nonion depressulum matagordanum Kornfeld
14. Nonionella miocenica Cushman
15. Nonion cf. N. goudkoffi Kleinpell
16. Florilus basispinatum (Cushman and Moyer)
17. Buliminella elegantissima (d'Orbigny)
18. Buliminella curta Cushman
19. Elphidium hughesi foraminosum Cushman
20. Elphidiella hannai (Cushman and Grant)
21. Plectofrondicularia? sp.
22. Elphidium microgranulosum (Galloway and Wissler)

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