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The Big Bend of the Rio Grande: A Guide to the Rocks, Geologic History, and Settlers of the Area of Big Bend National Park


Big Bend National Park is administered by the National Park Service, U. S. Department of the Interior. At the Park headquarters (fig. 4), there is a visitor center, with exhibits of the Park and a naturalist to explain them (fig. 117). Information may also be obtained at either of the entrance stations or at the Ranger stations at Boquillas, Castolon, or the Basin. Nature programs are presented in the Basin. Campgrounds are available in the Basin and the Rio Grande Village near Boquillas; there is a picnic area at Santa Elena Canyon. All inquiries regarding camping, fishing, or other regulations should be addressed to the Superintendent, Big Bend National Park, Big Bend National Park, Texas.

FIG. 117. National Park Service headquarters and administration building.

The Chisos Mountains cottages are at an elevation of 5,400 feet and can accommodate about 200 guests (1967). More cottages are planned, and a new dining room has been constructed. Curios, souvenirs, and photo supplies are available. The store has candy, cigarettes, cold drinks, and a limited stock of staple groceries and campers' supplies. Service stations are located at the Park headquarters, the Basin of the Chisos Mountains, Rio Grande Village, and at Castolon. Gasoline, oil, accessories, and minor repairs are available. The post office—Big Bend National Park, Texas—has mail delivery five days a week, Monday through Friday. Long distance telephones are available in the Basin and at the Park headquarters. Saddle horses for day-long or shorter trips are available. For reservations, write or call:

National Park Concessions, Inc.
Big Bend National Park, Texas
Telephone: Granite 7-2291

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