California Geological Survey California Division of Mines and Geology
Special Report 106
Geologic Features—Death Valley, California

Geologic Maps and Sections of a Strip from Pyramid Peak to the Southeast End of the Funeral Mountains, Ryan Quadrangle, California
James F. McAllister1

1U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California 94025.

Work done partly in cooperation with the California Division of Mines and Geology.

Table 1. Explanation of map units. Maps are contiguous, aligned along A—A". (Thickness is rounded to nearest 100 m maximum section.)

QalALLUVIUM (Quaternary)
QaoOLDER ALLUVIUM (Quaternary)
QTfFUNERAL FORMATION (Pleistocene? and Pliocene)
MpPERDIDO FORMATION (Upper and Lower(?) Mississippian) 500 feet (top eroded)
MtTIN MOUNTAIN LIMESTONE (Lower Mississippian) 300 feet
DlLOST BURRO FORMATION (Upper and Middle Devonian) 2,500 feet
DShHIDDEN VALLEY DOLOMITE (Lower Devonian and Silurian) 1,400 feet
OesELY SPRINGS DOLOMITE (Upper and Middle Ordovician) 500 feet
OeEUREKA QUARTZITE (Middle Ordovician) 400 feet
OpPOGONIP GROUP (Middle and Lower Ordovician) 2,200 feet
∈nNOPAH FORMATION (Upper Cambrian) 1,700 feet

∈bb     BANDED MOUNTAIN MEMBER (Upper and Middle Cambrian) 2,400 feet
∈bp     PAPOOSE LAKE MEMBER (Middle Cambrian) 1,200 feet
∈cCARRARA FORMATION (Middle and Lower Cambrian) 1,600 feet
Lower formations exposed in the Funeral Mountains, Ryan quadrangle

ZABRISKIE QUARTZITE (Lower Cambrian) 800 feet

WOOD CANYON FORMATION (Lower Cambrian and Precambrian) 4,000 feet

STIRLING QUARTZITE (Precambrian) 4,800 feet

JOHNNIE FORMATION (Precambrian) 1,000 feet to concealed part

Figure 1. Geology at Pyramid Peak, Funeral Mountains. Explanations of map units in Table 1. (click on image for a PDF version)

Figure 2. Geology at southeast end of Funeral Mountains. Explanation of map units in Table 1. (click on image for a PDF version)


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