USGS Logo Geological Survey 12th Annual Report (Part I)
The Eruptive Rocks of Electric Peak and Sepulchre Mountain, Yellowstone National Park


Owing to the fact that the specimens from Electric Peak and Sepulchre Mountain, which have been described in this paper, were collected at various times during a number of years in which these localities were visited, and consequently occur in widely separated parts of the original collection of rocks from the Yellowstone National Park, they bear numbers which range from 2 to 3,910. The use of these numbers tends to confuse the reader, and a new series of consecutive numbers has been substituted for them in this paper. Since the new series has no existence in actual fact, it is deemed advisable to publish a list of the original numbers with their new equivalents, in order that the work bestowed on this study may be followed up or reviewed by anyone wishing to investigate the subject for his own purposes. The catalogue referred to is given in Table XIX.

TABLE XIX.—Original collection numbers of the specimens described in this paper.

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