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The Rocks and Fossils of Glacier National Park: The Story of Their Origin and History

APPENDIX E: Glossary
Bedding The layers in sedimentary rocks.
Conceptacle A cavity opening to the surface of an algal colony; contains reproductive organs.
Crenulate The minutely wavy character of the laminae in an algal colony.
Environment The total of all the conditions acid influences affecting the life and development of an organism.
Fault A fracture in rock along which displacement has occurred.
Filament A threadlike series of algal cells.
Fossil A remain or a trace of a plant or animal of past geological ages, or direct evidence of its presence preserved in the rocks.
Algal head Term used to refer to a single algal structure.
Joint A simple fracture that is at some angle to the bedding of a rock.
Laminae Thin layers; in this report, the thins subparallel to concentric layers of rock that comprise a colony of fossil algae.
Reef A ridge or mound of sand or rock lying at or near the surface of the water. In organic reefs the ridge or mound is composed of the skeletons of organisms.
Turbinate Shaped like a spinning top.

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